Wintek employees caught making iPhone 5 screens?

A new picture from China has some employees in white suits, working on iPhone displays. But these don’t look like any ordinary iPhone 4 displays, the elongated home-button looks nothing like the current iteration of the iPhone. No, this looks like the rumored iPhone 5 screens, with the touch-sensitive, elongated home button. But, with the image being so unclear it’s hard to tell. It could be anything. M.I.C Gadget seems fairly convinced that it is the rumored device’s display.

One minor issue I see with these displays is the absence of a FaceTime camera cut-out, or even a receiver cut-out. With regards to the receiver, these displays could also be for the iPod Touch 5. They also seem a bit wider and would also fit in with rumors of a 4″ display. Do you think this is the rumored iPhone 5 display, or some cheap Android knockoff? Let us know in the comments below, or by sending me a tweet.

Via: MIC Gadget

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  • Mosesestrada7

    Cheap android knock off? Last time I checked there are android phones more expensive than an iPhone 4

    • Tylerjd

      Yea, and those “cheap Android knockoffs” are more powerful than the iPhones.

    • Anonymous

      the iOS fanboys also like to argue that “MOST” of android phones are given away at BOGO (even tho mathematically, bogo can only contribute to 50% max) just because of two or three 1month promotions.

      disregarding that for the past few years, every corner you turned, every handful of websites you viisit, every techblog u went to, you are plagued with iProduct giveaways either by the site themselves, or there’s an ad for the giveaway. It’s actually quite refreshing to see quite a few android device giveaways this year.

    • Yes, but in China most of the phones use Android and are cheap Android knock-offs. 

  • Nicolas Crompton

    Everyone… Just wait. The day will come when Steve climbs onto that stage and unviels the iPhone 5.

  • cheap android knock off is that insulting android ???

    • Anonymous

      it would sound like it’s suppose to be. I mean, it’s rectangular, it’s a touchscreen, if it’s not an apple product then it’s a blatant apple knockoff. before the iphone, there were no such things as rectangular shaped touchscreen smartphones.

      before Apple, technology didnt even exist~!!
      It was dinosaurs… extinction.. God Jobs… Adam&stEve .. Apple.

      • Not when it’s white and glass. No other company makes glass with a white rim, therefore when images like these pop up, it’s only obvious to assume these are iPhones. 

    • No, that’s not insulting Android, that’s insulting the companies that use Android in their cheap devices that are MADE to look like iPhones. 

  • Carlosavalos

    I am god: you are god: We all are our own GoD’S .. The sooner you relize it the sooner the new ERA will come.

  • booga

    you guys who argue over which cell phone OS is the best are fags. who cares? you like what you like…end of story. give it up.

    • Anonymous

      you’re right, it’s disgusting. All this competitive market bs should just stop.

    • Anonymous

      you’re right, it’s disgusting. All this competitive market bs should just stop.

  • Emily

    Well apple and all their products SUCK and I REGRET my MacBook pro and iPhone 4 only an IDIOT would pay for the SAME products with enhanced features every year, no wonder apple is richer than the US government, if the government sold a bunch of crap like apple does then they might be richer. Pfft of course apple fanboys will make their gay comments :/

    • Brurum12345

      That’s why you don’t buy it every year dumbass I’ve had my MacBook pro for 3 years and I’ll never own another pc, apples innovation has lead all these other companies along

    • You probably aren’t using it to it’s fullest, maybe you should’ve tried Apple’s set-up and get started workshops. And if Apple products suck so much, why are you reading an iPhone news blog?

  • Turkey4268

    Y’all people are dumbasses did you ever stop and think that maybe them meant a cheap knockoff of an android. The chinese make cheap knockoffs of phones all the time. I’m not a huge apple fan but for all the apple haters in the comments stop reading iphone related articals dumbasses.

  • Keithvayne1214

    hahahahahahahahahaha cheap android knockoff!!!!!! i love it. IOS RULEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  • Keith

    Android knockoff.