Update apps without leaving the App Store in iOS 5

A new report of out of AppAdvice is claiming that Apple has made a slight adjustment to the App Store. Specifically, it seems as though some users are now able to update applications without being taken out of the App Store.

If you’ve ever downloaded or updated an app on an iOS device, you’ll know that currently you’re taken out of the App Store and to the home screen when you click the download button. It’s nice to be able to instantly see the progress of your download, but if you’re attempting to download multiple apps at once, this system can be quite frustrating.

Overall this is a pretty small adjustment to the operating system, but when it comes right down to it, it’s the little things that can make or break your daily experience with a device.

Now the report claims that this feature is being rolled out to users running a beta of iOS 5. I tried updating an app on my iPhone 4 running beta 6, but I wasn’t able to update without leaving the App Store.

If you’re running iOS 5, have you encountered this change?


Via: AppAdvice

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  • Also running Beta 6, and haven’t encountered the change. However, the photo is the CDMA version of iOS 5… shouldn’t make a difference, but it could just be a little change not put into the GSM version by accident.

    • Jackizzback

      I am currently running beta 6 on my CDMA iPhone 4 and am not getting this feature either.

  • Ag2611ij

    I’m glad apple is now paying attention to the little things in iOS that made the user experience frustrating. But what I’m still waiting for on my iPhone 4 is the most basic feature of ALL phones; Date amd time on photos. This feature should have been on the very first iPhone! Even my motorola razr had this basic feature. I can’t believe apple has looked over this.

  • Jared

    I have on my iPad 2. It also does it with installs of already purchased app

  • WoW

    Wow! Brilliant! Just like how the android market updates the apps.

  • Some Weird Guy

    You can get this feature in cydia but it would be nice to see it in iOS 5