MobileMe to iCloud transition live for devs

If you’re a developer and have an old MobileMe account, you’ll be glad to know that you can now shift your account over to Apple’s iCloud. Just hit to get started. As mentioned in the keynote at WWDC, you can move Mail, Calendar and Contacts across to the new service and still keep Gallery, iDisk and iWeb until the end of June 2012. After June 3oth you’ll lose the last three.

In order to make the switch over you’ll need to confirm that you have iOS 5 beta 5 on all your iDevices. You also need the latest seed of OS X Lion (10.7.2) along with iCloud for OS X Lion beta 6, or iCloud Control Panel beta 4 for Windows users.

Some other important omissions for Mac users include syncing of Dashboard widget layout, dock items, mailbox rules and signatures, smart mailboxes, keychain password and credentials, and system preferences. I, for one, am a little annoyed at this as I have two machines that I like to keep as similar as possible. However, with the addition of Documents in the Cloud, at least I get all my documents synced automatically.

Via: Apple Insider

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