Jailbreak Tuesday: Favorite Lock & Unlock Sounds For iOS

This week rather than sticking to the usual I went a little off course and focused in on custom lock and unlock sounds you can assign to your iOS device using winterboard.

Now just to make your lives easier I am going to tell you right off the bat if you don’t have winterboard and you go to download a sound it will automatically download winterboard for you so you don’t have to worry.

Now why would I step away from regular tweaks and jailbreak applications? Because, as an operating system, iOS is so large and there is so much you can access when you jailbreak your device. So this week I decided to show everyone my favorite iOS lock and unlock sounds.

Here is the list of sounds in the video which you can find by doing a simple search in Cydia. Please leave comments telling me the sounds you use or if your not really in to altering the sounds on your iOS device besides ringtones.

  1. Transformers Sounds
  2. Mac Startup Unlock Sounds
  3. HaloSounds
  4. Airbag Lock Sounds
  5. MarioBrOS Sounds  (My absolute favorite)



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  • Hadar727

    Hey i would really like to know what cydia apps u have esspicail the folder one u have pritty cool stuff i have a lock sound thats preaty cool its called lock sounds it a windoews sound tho