iPhone “4S” steel casing leaked – antenna changes

MacRumors has just spilled an interesting leak. The images apparently show the metal frame to be used within the rumored cheaper iPhone 4. The device known as the “4S” will apparently be made from cheaper parts in order to drive the cost down, hopefully passing on savings to consumers, and competing with low-end Android devices.

The steel frame in the image shows a slightly different design to what is currently on the iPhone 4. This frame has antenna breaks on both sides, at the bottom end of the phone. Although the current GSM variant has these, the current iPhone 4 also has one at the top near the headphone jack – this break is missing in the leaked images. The CDMA iPhone 4 is different again, with two antenna breaks on the top of the phone. What’s even more interesting is that there doesn’t appear to be any space for a physical home key. Is this evidence that Apple is going touch-sensitive with the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5? Are we actually going to see two new devices? Is the “4S” going to be the only new device? I guess time will tell.

Via: MacRumors

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  • B2damaxx

    I will quite literally punch a wall if the next iPhone has no home button. That’s the reason I completely avoid most androids. Phones need physical buttons.

    • i dont think apple will lose the home button.  i think the home button is a bit iconic of the iphone.

  • Cincyfan

    ill be waiting for the iphone 99

  • if you look closely enough, it does like like theres a black stripe next to the head phone jack. while it isnt actually an antenna “break” it could just be there so that it looks like the original iphone 4. just a thought

  • Yutarohara96

    If it didn’t have a home button, how would it reboot?