Apple store went down, came back with sharing options

Usually when Apple launches a new product the store site goes down temporarily. We get a polite sticker letting us know it’ll be back soon, then at some point it’s brought back with some new shiny gadgets available to purchase. That didn’t happen today. Instead the entire store disappeared. No friendly notice, just a screen informing us that the server isn’t responding. When it finally reappeared there weren’t any obvious changes. It seems as though the only difference is the option to share certain products on twitter, and Facebook. Specifically, the iPod Classic and Mac Pro – probably the two least popular products on the Apple online store, due to price (Mac) or outdatedness (iPod). I can’t understand why the site needed to go down for such a minor update, I guess we’ll never know.



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  • This may be just a conspiracy theory, but I think the “share” thing is a cover up. A cover up for what? I don’t know.

  • It might be the lease popular but you can never beat having your whole library in your hands. Very nice product i say.