Apple might launch a new Mac this year, iOS hybrid – rumor

This year has been great for the Mac. We’ve seen a whole new OS (Lion), a refresh that is thinner and lighter than the competition (MacBook Air), and the Mac App Store. What do all of these have in common? They are all hinting at the eventual merge of iOS and OS X into one super operating system that can run on anything from mobile phones to Mac Pros.

It seems as though iOS and OS X are growing so similar to each other that Apple might launch an entirely new Mac that is rumored to run an iOS-OS X hybrid. A new report coming out of claims that Apple is preparing a new product that is, “absolutely different from current products.” Apparently, this mystery product is so different from the stuff Apple’s currently selling that it’ll be given a brand new name, as opposed to fitting under one of the already established categories of Mac.

There are no details or specs, or even a hint on what the device would look like, but it would be awesome if the hybrid is an iPad running OS X.

I’m sorry I even brought that up, but it probably wouldn’t be too difficult for Apple to do. All Jobs&Co. would have to do is remove the keyboard from the MacBook Air and place the internals behind the display. It would make for a killer laptop (tablet?). Since Lion brought all these new multi-touch gestures and full screen apps, this might be a lot closer than we all think. The Lion-running iPad may be just my nerd dream, but, in my opinion, if Apple was to make something ‘revolutionary’ and ‘magical’, this would be it.

Do you think Apple has an iPad running OS X behind all the secrecy, or do you think this mystery Mac is something else? Let us know in the comments below or by sending me a tweet.

Via: 9to5Mac

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  • Keith

    Not gonna happen.

  • One

    Maybe IOS 55′ TV, the ultimate Home entertainment OR appletv which can launch IOS application. Bringing IOS gaming and surfing into the living room.

    So first your home/office computing, your portable music player, your handphone, your portable computing, now the untouched territory your home entertainment to complete the whole ios into your every part of your life.

  • Chri

    Maybe, beside a regular ipad ..

  • They don’t need any “new” device. The iPad is already a money maker for them.

  • Miniiemii

    if they combined the ipad and macbooks i think that would be so wonderful, i would be filled with joy it would limit the number of products you need to buy from laptops to tablets and everything else!!!!!

  • Mike

    Maybe…this will be the iPad 3.

  • dannyboy

    Apple has already got patents for such a device. One that has the look of an iPad running iOS but flips open to reveal a keyboard and switches to osx. This would be the icing on the cake for apple who could realistically sell more of these than iPads and macs combined. I refer to source below