Another iPhone 5 release date rumor? We don’t need any more!

BGR has, what it calls on Twitter, an “exclusive”. Sometimes I’m not sure whether this means they’ve just made it up, or if they genuinely have a good source with credible information. According to the article, the site has a source at Telus, one of Canada’s main carriers. This source claims the iPhone 5 will launch on October 1st – a Saturday.

 “According to confirmed information we have received from a reliable source at Canadian carrier Telus, Apple’s iPhone 5 looks to be touching down on October 1st in Canada.”

Every single site spilling out rumors has a “reliable source”. So, if they’re all conflicting surely that means that only one of them is genuinely reliable? What these blogs actually have is either a “source” or a random guess. The problem with the October 1st launch day is that it falls on a Saturday. Traditionally this is the busiest day of any week in retail – hence why Apple has always avoided it for launching its new products. New iPhones generally fall on Fridays.

Apple is not going to launch the next generation iPhone on a day when the stores are all packed full of people. Instead, it makes more sense to sell them on a week day when staff can just about cope with footfall levels as people line up around street corners to get their hands on the next generation handset. Hit the link below for the full spiel, personally I call it highly unlikely.

Via: BGR

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