Apple looking to add new gestures to iOS

Okay, this is the last Apple-patent story today. I promise. This one was just too cool to pass up.

By now we’ve all come to know and love the gestures that make iOS tick. Swipe. Pinch. They’re the thing that first amazed us about the iPhone in ’07, and they remain the core of iOS to this day. Before Apple debuted iOS gestures, you couldn’t find a similar input method on the market. Though, now every touch-based device on the market has an OS built around gestures dangerously close to those patented by Apple. Luckily for those other companies, Apple isn’t one to jump into monotonous legal battles.

Well, it appears that we may just have a few more gestures to fall in love with before long. According to a patent published today by Patently Apple, some new and improved gestures are in the works with the goal of “advancing iOS metaphors to a higher level.”

Well alright.

The patent discusses many gestures that would allow the user to interact with their device and the elements displayed on the screen in a new way. Some of the features detailed in the patent include “digging a hole” which is a gesture that would, “allow you to drop a file into it quickly or act as a garbage bin or other uses.” Similarly, there is mention of “opening a trap door,” which would presumably serve a similar purpose.

Some other gestures of note include a shredding gesture, allowing you to virtually shred a document or notification with a three-finger swiping gesture. Also mentioned is the ability to create a sort of 3D globe by drawing a circle around a group of things you want to keep together.

What’s more, it appears as though you can physically pour files, and these 3D globes, from one iOS device to another. For more details on everything discussed in the patent filing, definitely check out the rest of the diagrams below.

All in all, this is some very cool stuff and definitely the most interesting patent floating about today. I can not wait for this stuff to hit my iDevices. What about you? Do these new gestures intrigue you, or do you get the feeling that Apple is beginning to rely too heavily on gesture-based controls in leu of more conventional input methods? Weigh in down in the comments below or on twitter.

Via: Patently Apple

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  • Joshua Mcf

    “Luckily for those other companies, Apple isn’t one to jump into monotonous legal battles.”

    • Daniel Wolfe

      It was obviously sarcasm. stop being a troll

  • Some Weird Guy

    If you can’t wait for these, there’s always Actovator from Cydia

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  • Some Weird Guy