27,000 people sue Apple over ‘Locationgate’


This lawsuit has taken extreme to a whole new level. About 27,000 people in South Korea have taken Apple to court for roughly 25 million dollars over privacy concerns. These fines in South Korea are nothing new to Apple, it has previously been fined by the South Korean government for an “astounding” $3,000 over the same scandal.

‘Locationgate’ was when Apple stored users location for about 3-4 weeks in-order to get location data faster. This data was stored in an un-encrypted file that could be accessed by plugging an iPhone or 3G iPad into a computer running special software. The data was even stored when Location Services were disabled. Apple later addressed this issue, and it has since been put to rest.

A South Korean lawyer has since reviewed the telecommunications laws and has viewed ‘Locationgate’ as illegal, even though the data was only stored locally on the phone. Apple has since declined to comment on the situation.

It will be very interesting to see how this pans out. Will Apple have to pay the 25 million, or will people be out of their million won? Do you think the South Korean court will allow this case to go through, or do you think that Apple will avoid this case? Let us know in the comments or by sending me a tweet.

Via: Bloomberg

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  • Anonymous

    I think it is ridiculous. It is just greed with people thinking they can make an easy ‘buck’.

    Too many people try to milk any situation for money. Just sickening greed.

    • Anonymous

      Then again Apple which has more money then the U.S Goverment is sueing everybody else? And you’re mad because Apple is getting a taste of it?

      • Anonymous

        No, I am annoyed at people jumping on bandwagons because they think they can get something for nothing; further fueling the litigious trend that clogs the courts.
        That it happens to be Apple is a bye the bye.

  • Some Weird Guy

    It’s easy disabling the “LocationGate”, just keep a firm grip on the iPhone 4 at all times.