Jailbreak Tuesday: ArrangeStatusBar Tweak review [VID]

Potential. Potential is the word I would use to describe the Arrangestatusbar tweak that was released yesterday. It is a fantastic jailbreak app that allows users to customize the location of the icons in the status bar.

The tweak works perfectly when it is the only one installed on the device. You can move the clock, the signal bars, and the carrier name and put them in any order you want. Though, a problem arises once you start installing other tweaks and jailbreak apps. Arrangestatusbar does not play well with others. When a bunch of things are installed on your device, it starts to bug out and before you know it all the icons in your status bar are bunched together on one side or the other.

However, all problems aside, this tweak has fantastic potential.  The developer just needs to perfect the code to eliminate the bugs. Once it’s cleaned up, though, I think it could be one of my favorite tweaks on my device.

If your looking to pick this up, you can get it from the developers personal repo. It’s also available inside the bigboss repo. And, for those worried that the tweak is a total bomb, it’s free in Cydia, so there’s no risk in testing it out. For more info, definitely check out my video review below.

Add To Your Sources:

  • http://rpetri.ch/repo.

Check out the video review:




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