iPhone 5 rumor roundup – this week

This past week has been a busy one for iPhone rumors and leaks. So much so, it’s hard to keep up with all of them. One thing is for sure, with the iPhone 5 launch getting nearer every day it’s only right that some of these leaks surface. Trust me, they have only just begun. (Each title is a link to the original article.)

Monday, 25th July

AT&T preparing for iPhone 5 launch

At the outset of this week it was revealed that AT&T managers were told they needed to complete training by September so that the carrier’s stores were better prepared for the “influx” of customers expected to pile through the doors during that month. If anything causes a massive increase in customers it’s an iPhone launch. I can’t say this news is entirely surprising since we’ve all been expecting a September iPhone 5 launch for quite some time.

Tuesday, 26th July

TDK Holdings to provide touch panels for next iPhone

On Tuesday we read that a Taiwanese based company is set to provide Apple with touch panels for the next handset’s screen. The touch panel is essentially the part of the display that receives the input from your finger. It’s what makes it touch sensitive.

iPhone 5 case schematic leak

One good indication of an upcoming device is the leaked accessories that show up before hand. Before the iPad 2 was launched there were a good few third party cases showing a difference in design which turned out to be pretty accurate. The schematics above show a touch sensitive home key, a larger screen and a curved back.

Wednesday, 27th July

More iPhone 5 cases 

If schematics weren’t good enough, an actual leaked accessory turned up showing similar design differences between the iPhone 4 and the speculated iPhone 5.

Thursday, 28th July

iPhone 5 leaked?

9to5 Mac were tipped by a reader who apparently spotted a prototype being used on a train in SF. The user was making an effort to conceal it, and it was in a case. The images make it difficult to tell if it is in fact an iPhone 5, and not a 3GS or an iPhone 4. However, in the image it does appear that the device does have a curved back, and that it is wider and thinner than a 3GS – which certainly gets ones imagination going.

iPhone 4S to be cheaper/plastic alternative to 5?

Another leaked image, supposedly showing what the tipster claims is an iPhone 4S. The phone is allegedly faster than the iPhone 4, but the glass front and back have been replaced by a transparent plastic.

iPhone 5 launch in second week of September?

The third rumor from yesterday was that the next generation iPhone will launch in the second week of September (6-15). I found this source hard to believe considering that they also claimed an iPad 3 was on its way before Thanksgiving.

So what do you guys think? Which of the rumors are most likely? Judging by what’s been leaking this week it appears that maybe we could expect a different design for the iPhone 5. Something that looks a little more like the iPad 2. It would certainly make the iDevice range look a lot more uniform – and that is something Apple loves. Sound off below, or tweet @TiP_Cam.

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  • Deffinitely looking forward to the curved back if this is true because it felt funny going from 3gs to 4 with the complete design reformation

  • Gerryt2697

    All un true

  • Anonymous

    Just noticed the supposed iPhone 5 case has the mute switch on the opposite side of the volume buttons but the train iPhone 5 pic had the switch on the same side as the volume buttons. I don’t buy any of these “leaks”.