iPhone 5 release preparation underway at AT&T – rumor

Whenever we hear, or read rumors regarding the release of the next generation iPhone we’re always careful not to go saying that they’re absolute fact. Especially when the rumours come from BGR. Boy Genius just has that reputation. According to the site AT&T staff have been told to have all managers finish training, ready for an expectedly busy period in September. (iPhone launch? Perhaps.) It is the most logical conclusion, unless the carrier is planning an incredible promotion during that time, which I doubt.

“AT&T is asking managers to finish training in order to have employees available for the influx of foot traffic expected in September, a proven source has shared with us. Other reports indicate that Apple is looking to hire additional Apple Store staff to be on hand for “new product launches” during the same period of time, further supporting our information.”

For most of this year the most consistent rumor regarding the iPhone’s launch has been one expecting a September arrival for the iPhone 5. So, it comes as no surprise when someone from AT&T supposedly spills this information. However, with no official word or information leaked directly from AT&T, and with only the word of a random “proven source“, it’s hard to take this as fact. So, as always, this article comes with the usual advisory prescription for one pinch of salt.

Via: BGR

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  • Bbiphone

    When next years iPhone comes out will apple return to the June time or will it be the September time again next year ???

    • Jason

      I think that is an excellent question – I think most of Apple’s customers have come to expect that when they buy a new iPhone model, it will be the newest model for 1 year.  If the iPhone 5 were only to be the newest model for 9 months, that would significantly detract from the attractiveness of the iPhone 5.  Of course, I think we are unlikely to have any sort of answer to this question with the iPhone 5 (or whatever it is called) comes out.