Red Pop brings physical button to iPhone camera

Last week I told you guys about a cool Kickstarter project called The Paradox, which is a stainless steel watch accessory for the iPod nano. Well, The Paradox isn’t the only promising project that’s part of the Kickstarter program. Possibly more interesting (to me, anyway) is something called Red Pop.

I know I’m not the only one tired of trying to snap a picture on my iPhone, only to realize that after I’ve unlocked the phone, opened the camera app, switched from video to camera mode, and gotten ready to take the picture, the moment has passed. Here’s where Red Pop comes in. This portable accessory plugs directly into the 30-pin dock connector of your device. The moment the Red Pop has made contact, the free Red Pop app automatically opens. From there, your immediately ready to start taking pictures.

However, possibly the most unique aspect of the Red Pop is the built-in shutter button. This thing gives users a realistic “pop” of tactile feedback every time a picture is taken. It’s great, because it provides a true shutter BUTTON, positioned just where the button is on a real camera. In other words, no more tapping the screen a thousand times to try to take a picture without looking.

Now, as I said, the project is part of something called Kickstart. This is where people like you and me donate to start-up companies to get them on their feet. If you’d like to help make the Red Pop happen, head to their Kickstarter page and make a donation. I definitely think this is a product worth making.

For more info check out the vid below, and hopefully we’ll see Red Pop available soon!


Would you guys be interested in a product like this, or are you happy with your iPhone’s virtual shutter button? Let me know in the comments below or on twitter!

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  • Verthib

    I’m not sure I understand….to avoid using our virtual shutter button and be able to use a real one, we have to attach that thing to our phone? Seems incredibly inconvenient and a bit bulky.

    • Keith

      I agree. I wouldn’t use that thing if they gave me one. Stupid, stupid, stupid idea. I can’t tell you how much I hate it.

  • Anthony Saso

    I think this product has a lot of potential, but what I don’t like about it is that it is uses a secondary app to take the picture. I’ve tried a lot of secondary apps, and NONE I’ve seen can take a good quality picture like the standard app. Unless this red pop app can take an amazing HDR picture like the standard… I will never buy it.

  • Anonymous

    Well this quickly became redundant with iOS 5′s new camera features unveiled last week.

  • Rob

    where can i buy this? seriously this is such a convenient way to take photos- bc i don’t like to lug around a huge camera and when i’m taking a bunch of photos i hate the iPhone camera’s virtual shutter…. 
    can you link me the site??