iPad: now powered by the sun

Voltaic just released its new iPad case, dubbed the Spark Tablet Case. (Personally I like just plain Spark better, but I can understand why Voltaic would want its new case to appeal to all tablets, not just the iPad). This new case is capable of charging your tablet in just 10 hours of sunlight, and weighs only 2.5 pounds. Other highlights include the panels being waterproof, though I wouldn’t recommend testing this with your device inside, and also the inclusion of Voltaic’s Universal Battery Pack, capable of charging via USB when the sun isn’t cooperating. The case will run you $299 and comes in silver or charcoal- though the color is only changed on the solar panel itself and not the fabric. Check out these images from Voltaic’s website below.

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  • Planetativo

    Love to hear that! If I go to US, I’ll certainly buy one.