64GB iPod Touch giveaway: Week 2

What?! TiP is giving away an iPod Touch?” That’s right readers. We’ve been live for almost 18 months now, and if it wasn’t for you, our audience, we wouldn’t be here. We want to give you a chance to win the top of the range, 4th generation iPod Touch. With 64GB of space you’ll have plenty of room for your music, apps and movies made using the HD rear camera. It’s slim, light and has a great battery life. It also has a stunning Retina display and the same snappy A4 processor found in the iPhone 4.

So what do we have to do to win?” What a great question. This competition is running over 3 weeks. Each week there will be a unique way of entering the giveaway, meaning you get 3 entries if you enter once each week. At the end of each week I will use random.org to select 3 finalists. Each of the three finalists will have his/her name put in to the final prize draw on Tuesday, July 5th. (We should be broadcasting this live via Ustream – we’ll keep you posted on that.) Whoever’s name is drawn out of the “hat” during the final draw will be the winner.

Week 1: Monday, June 13th – 11:59PM Sunday, June 19th (Ended – no more tweets please)

Week 2: Monday, June 20th – 11:59PM Sunday, June 26th (Details on how to enter this week below).

Week 3: Monday, June 27th – 11:59PM Sunday, July 3rd


WEEK 2: Comment entry

We’re now in to week 2 of our giveaway. Week 1 saw almost 600 entrants tweet for their chance to be in our final prize draw on July 5th. Here’s what you need to do this week:

1) Comment in this post’s comment section telling us why you should win the iPod Touch. (Facebook comments won’t be counted. You need to comment in the comments section on this page.)

2) Keep it below 100 words if you can.

3) I will choose three finalists using Random.org.

4) Entries for week 2 end at 11:59pm on Sunday, June 26th.



Only one entry per week, per person. This makes it fair for everyone.

If you haven’t created a Disqus user account for our site before, it’s very simple. Simply click ‘login’ above the comments section and register. Please be sure to login using the email address you would like us to contact you on. We will email you to inform you if you have been selected to be in the final prize draw. We don’t want you to miss out. If you login using your twitter account you need to follow me, @TiP_Cam, on twitter so that I can Direct Message you to inform you if you’ve been selected as a finalist.

Apart from that, enjoy the competition, and spread the word. In a few weeks time one of you will be the lucky owner of a brand new iPod Touch 4th gen.

ELIGIBILITY: Open to legal residents of the United States and Canada, age 18 or older. Do not participate in the Promotion if you are not physically located in the United States or Canada at time of entry.  Sweepstakes is void wherever prohibited by law.


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  • Jermainer

    I really would like to give my son a great birthday gift however i cannot offord one. This would be perfect.

  • Geezefrankie

    i would really like to win this because i dont have my own money to buy an iPod and my parents will not buy me another one because my past three ones have been stolen. however if i win this it wont anymore cause im in college now!!btw it is SO NECESSARY for a college student(:

  • Deborah De Boer

    It would be my first Apple item owned. It would be good to see what all the fuss is about.

  • Anonymous

    i wish i had an ipod touch so  i can read to learn because when you read u learn fast and or  play video games and email. in my boring room that i sleep with brother n father but in different beds and they always get the tv.

  • Anonymous

    I want to win the ipod touch 64gb because i lost mine a 3 weeks ago and was using it every day, the ipod touch is nessary for life on these planet is one of those thing that u can’t take it for grounded.

  • Anonymous

    i want really really because these best gadget slash tech ever, better then pspvita, and i really need one that has alot of gbs. and  it very very useble for me because i can used for reading to be smarter and i need these ipod touch 64gb  so i  dont look like a stupid reading person
    because instead of reading out of a book i can read out of the screen
    and people or girl would thing im doing something else like watch videos
    or something cool.

  • I’m going through an Apple phase atm and this would be a great start. It’d be my first apple device xP

    If I won this, I’d buy one for each of my close friends, no doubt!

  • Andrius Girdzius

    I could go to extra classes in my school, which require custom iPad, iPhone or iPad software, and the device it self. ut Apple products are 2x more expensive, so my mom can’t afford me one. Also, it could be a great music player :)

  • Master53jk

    I think I should get this ipodtouch because I am stuck with an old ipod touch that has  cracked screen and no wifi ( wifi is greyed out) 1st gen. I cant afford to get a new generation ipod like a 4th gen 64GB. If i win i would share with my friends and family. Something I didnt do when my ipod was working.. perfectly.

  • Would be awesome to an ipod touch, old 8 gb ipod touch, won’t turn on all the time

  • Mermaidbreanna12

    the reason that i want this ipod touch is bcuz someone stole mine and the person that stole it is a serial killer!

  • Yaric

    I think I should win the iPod touch because I want to have atleast an iPod touch from apple

  • jimmy

    to hear music and play the apps 

  • Beachboy5209

    I think that I should get the iPod touch because I am going to give it to my sister for christmas. I can’t wait to see her face if I get it.

  • MatthewVuu

    I want to win an iPod because it’s mother’s day so I can give it to my mum

  • I should Win becuase last year I bought one from ebay and i trust You more than them and june 26 is My bday

  • MatthewVuu

    My mums birthday is coming soon

  • I have 4 broken ipods, and no money to fix them. also my birthday is coming soon, and i did well in school this semester :]

  • Zabolt

    I’ve been wanting to get one of the newer Apple products for a very, very long time, since the ipad first gen just came out. But not having enough money, I find myself watching hundreds of youtube videos of apple products being unboxed. I have an extreme interest for the iPad 2 and the ipod touch, and I’m hoping to win this product. My sisters are also all hogging the one Apple product we have, an old white Macbook. So I hope I get chosen by Random.org.

  • nimitbhawani

    because i’m a great lover of apple and i dont have enough money to have any of the apple prod so i’m entrying here having a hope can win here…

  • iPodneederGurl

    I want to win because I don’t have a lot of money and I love apple and also, iPod touches are cool. Even a 8gb would be ok with me.. :/

  • Sepayi

    @iPodneederGurl same w/ me but I have the money. You deserve it lol. Good luck!

  • wildmango

    I’m a hardworking student with no time to work, and little time to play. An iPod Touch would make the free time I have marvelous! I could listen to music, take pictures when out with friends, and wikipedia something while I’m studying in the library! This starving student would love a touch of the good life :)

  • Mbgill10

    I think I should because I have been saving up for an iPod touch for over three years and I haven’t even got to 200 hundred dollars yet

  • OmarAlbayane

    i think i should because i tried to buy one from ebay and the seller gave a non-working one please help if my dad knows HE IS GOING TO KILL ME PLEASE PICK PLEASE i feel like crying my dad will kill me 

  • CarniQueen18

    I think i should win, becuase ever since it came out iv’e always wanted one, and It would hve come in handy SO many times. I can save up to buy one on my own becase have to pay my phone bill and help my mother with bills. Soo i would really appreciate it, thanks(:

  • i really want one of these but my parents dont let me have dem because deyy say we dont have enough money to buy one :(

  • Trent01

    I want an Ipod touch because my birthday has just been and i begged my parents to get me an ipod but they didnt; only because i wasnt doing my homework , so all i got was a game thing for a 10 yr old.. but please to have an ipod would be awsome as..
    Please.. Please… Please… Please… choose me…

  • codyadams

    i want an i pod cause all my freinds  have one and i wanted one ever since they came out plz choose me

  • codyadams

    plz pick me im begin i havent saw my mom or brother in 11 years its really hard for me to get an i pod cause i only have i parent to work and he makes enough money for the bills and grocerys so i i had a chance to get picked i would go for oit

  • Trent01

    I really want an ipod because it is a way to escape having to listen to my brothers music and listen to my own. I can do what i want with it and no one can tell me to get off it. i know it sounds stupid but its true i really want an ipod to have something awsome that belongs to me. please choose me.. PLEASE!

  • scarzzie

    iv’e always wanted an ipod touch but we have never really had the money to so please pick me !!

  • RubenW

    please give me the ipod i’ve never had an iphone, ipad, imac, macbook, ipod, etc and i want it so badly!

  • I love to Win an Ipod . I’ve always dream to have an Apple gadget ! Please let me win!!

  • lovergirl

    I Want this Ipod Because I Dont Have The Money For One. When I Save Up About 25 Dollars I Have To Help My Mom Pay Bills. I Came All The Way To A Library Just To Say This. It Would Be A Dream Come True If I Got This And My Birthday Just Passed And I Got Nothing. I Would Love To At Least Have One Apple Product. I Dont Even Have A Phone So Please Please Pick Me. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I Would Really Appreciate It.

  • lovergirl

    @iPodneederGurl The Sane With Me I Try To Save Up But I Have To Help My Mom Pay The Bills