T-mobile + AT&T deal: Spectrum explained (video)

In yesterday’s Senate hearing one topic that kept on repeating more than any other was spectrum. AT&T’s argument has been that there just isn’t enough of it on its network to keep its customers happy. To explain what spectrum is and how it works the carrier released this video:


Essentially what is being said is, since the iPhone was launched in 2007, and smartphones have become much more widespread, the network simply can’t handle the amount of devices using its spectrum. Only so many new towers/masts can be built and 4G can’t come quick enough. The deal with Deutche Telecom would enable AT&T to use T-mobile’s spectrum, creating a larger and more efficient network. It will also enable the carrier to build up a 4G LTE infrastructure. This should lead to a much better experience for iPhone users. Fewer dropped calls, faster download speeds, better coverage.

Via: TechnoBuffalo

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  • slicker

    so what at&t is implementing a toll road or what? pay to get on?

  • Neutrino

    So I take it the iPhone is to blame on why AT&T doesnt have enough spectrum. Figures. Haha.

  • John

    Just more excuses for why the network sucks.

  • Frederick S.

    AT&T has more than enough of it. Watch the C-Span debate from 31 minutes in. That’s where it gets interesting, hearing Sprint’s CEO Dan Hesse talk about why AT&T shouldn’t merge with T-Mobile and why AT&T has more than enough spectrum that they’re just not using. Anyone who thinks AT&T and T-Mobile is a good thing is naive. It won’t help you! They’re in it for the money.


  • ctk

    att- bullshit

    if there are so many smartphones on the network, with their data hogging constant connections, then why doesn’t verizon with MORE customers, LESS spectrum, and now the network killining iphone have these perceived problems att has?

    in fact, come to think of it, there is only one carrier that i have heard that is complaning so much about having data network problems the last few years, and they haven’t been sprint, verizon or t-mobile. att has network problems they caused their own selves by acquiring and acquiring and never investing the income generated from those iphone sales into their own network. att wants t-mobile to fix a problem they could have solved by better utilizing the spectrum they already own while also taking a national competitor out of the game. and if this merger goes through, i’ll bet you that there will STILL be att network problems.