Jailbreak for iPad 2 coming – might cost you

Many of you will be aware that with the last couple of jailbreak releases for iOS 4.3 the iPad 2 wasn’t included. Word is the dev-team is still working on it. This rumor comes from the Italian site, ipadevice.com. According to some tweet made by @i0n1c and @veence, jailbreaking could become a chargeable service.

The above tweet comes from the developer who’s responsible for figuring out the exploits for iOS 4.3.1, 4.3.2 and 4.3.3.

Developers may agree, but I know many a jailbreak fan who passionately believe jailbreaking is the right of any device user. To me it seems to go against the jailbreak ethos  to charge for it. What do you guys think? There’s no official word yet, but if this were to happen would you be irritated?

Via: iPadevice

This article is presented for informational purposes only. Jailbreaking can void Apple’s iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad warranty. Any efforts or attempts at jailbreaking is done at the sole discretion of the user. Today’s iPhone assumes no liability or responsibility for any resulting user actions, software or hardware glitches or revocation of warranties. Proceed at your own risk.

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  • jailbreaktheworld

    Sure, but if your going to charge then you should make certain things better like a faster cydia. Free mywi. Make it to were I don’t have to delete a program from cydia. One clic download from installous would be great without the additional fee.

  • Bitterton

    Charging to jailbreak?Hmmm why not!!!Remember these guys are working diligently for our sakes free, just for fun but this jailbreak for the iPad 2 is almost impossible,hence the reason it taking so long.Hey and I even read that Geohotz doesn’t even have an iPad 2 yet.Well someone could at least donate one to him.If I was living abroad I would’ve long time.

  • Mrkglstn

    What happened to doing it for the kudos??

    • William

      kudos aint gonna cut it kid lol

  • Hotgeo

    Charging? Wow! I would wait for someone to jailbreak geohot’s jailbreaking service. Ok jokeaside. Seriously, if they are going to charge, i think it might be breaking the law? No?

  • DRBF

    No problem, everyone is entitled to make a buck for their hard work…………………..

  • Rsantos

    I will pay for it!! Just tell me how much?

  • Coondo

    Whatever it takes! Charge for it or make free but just release it!!! I have an ipad 2. I feel like if i have a Ferrari in my garage and no gas in the tank!!!!!

  • William

    i would pay at the most 50$ but a fair price is 10$ because i know jailbreaks really tough to do

  • William

    i would lend my ipad 2 to geo hot

  • Fallout Dude

    I would be willing to pay for a jailbreak if it would be one that would last longer than a few months. Also depends on how much you are going to charge . I agree that these guys are working hard on these jailbreaks and would be nice to get a little something for the effort . Keep it under $10 and I am sure you will get just about everyone out there and make millions .

  • Riecoo

    If its over $10 i will wait until someone uploads it to medifire and then download it. Im all for supporting the jailbreak community but lets not get greedy here! I 100% think they should be charging for them but with the charges i expect a stable jailbreak and it should have been out sooner. (I mean seriously it not like these guys are working on it 24/7 but if they were getting paid they might just do that) And just so you guys know, I know that they work very hard on these jailbreaks and that its their time that they are taking out of there day but they are doing it for free right now. Trust me I really do know how hard they work and im not accusing them of not working hard!!

  • Jamie

    the only way i can think of even issuing this “PAY FOR SERVICE” is userland JB cause as soon as one person downloads software they can just simply publish it on the web for free.

  • Ryan Taylor

    While I wholeheartedly agree with paying for a jailbreak in support of the developers, I still do not fully understand how this will stop Apple from finding the exploit? Can somebody please elaborate for me. Thank you.

  • Kalai

    Ok paying for the jailbreak is ok for the hard work they have done any way apple should unlock their phone after all we pay for it

  • Bosou

    Completely agree.
    They should charge for jailbreaking.
    Or maybe grt atleast some money from their hardwork.

  • andy r

    iphail, get an android already. sheesh.

  • Thuglife

    Hell yeah nigs, I’d pay

  • Caflman

    I agree that a person who works this hard should reap the financial benefits. Hey remember we built this country on capitalism. We might have a jailbreak for the iPad 2 if a profit was the motivation. I have no problem paying.

  • Takeshita

    Bah! Thousands of users sent them donations and some for buying them a new iPad, and now they want to charge for jailbreaks? Bullshit, I hope you burn in flames for your greed. I’m good with my non jail broken devices.

  • Sambo

    Charging for a jailbreak would be more illegal than jailbreaking itself, and would get them into a world of shit.

    Also, people would figure out how to do the Jailbreak for free, so they’d find out how Apple feels.

    All in all, a very bad idea.

  • RockstarTS

    The problem with charging for it is that now they’re going to have to support it. If I’m paying for it, you’d better help me if I run into problems and it sure as heck better not brick my iPad.

    I’m just saying…

  • Triaed

    I would pay for it. Maybe no more than $10, and possibly $3-5 for updates
    Thing is, I need the damn jailbreak!

  • mijawa

    Fine Charge For it then, but dammit, just get it done!!!

    Screw this victory lap crap before the goods are ready.

  • adee

    it’s not a problem, as long as it is not too much. $0.99 would be good. Most jailbreak are not so stable, and thus explains the factors. But again, it’s fair to charge some premium, provided that the jailbreak is flawlessly working?.

  • Madman139

    I agree with jailbreak the world….if your gonna charge make things better…no problem dropping a few bux….BUT who ever is going to charge for the jail break better be ready for more headaches about stability and people crying about this or that!! Then trying to develop the jailbreak…..just saying….

  • kent

    just when do it come out ,good hard work is worth it

  • Castillo312

    I’ll pay as much 30 bucks to jailbreak my iPad 2. Anymore and it better come with future support but yeah, name your price dude?

  • Airbrushkid

    I said they should of always charged for jailbreaking. I say $50.00 to $100.00.

  • Chandalf

    Oh my, please don’t charge. I can’t afford with Philippine peso.

  • Matthew4295

    Yeah this is a good idea until someone bricks their device and sues the dev for the jailbreaking. I doubt those “I am not resposible…” things are going to hold up in court.

  • Tom

    I feel that those that do develop jailbreaks for iDevices should be rewarded for their hard work. I think that people within the community do not realise now much time and effort is put into these jailbreaks, me as well really.
    The only problem I have is that I think the pricing and how it is distributed needs to be sorted out properly if people are to start to charge. This is because their are a few people who can produce jailbreaks but as a user you should only have to pay a fee to have your device jail broken. The problem being that when a new jailbreak is required on the same device do we as users have to pay again? I don’t mind paying once for a single device but when it costs every single update is when it becomes a problem. Say for example you pay $10 or £7 for example, I would want to make sure that throughout the life cycle of the device it was able to be jail broken.

  • e2345760

    Its good to have charge, but not all the time, especially when people are looking so much to it, and u say that ur charging it!!! I bet a lot of people (including me) would be very upset with you people.

  • mydan99

    If they charge it, it will become more of a product/service. However, those that charge are the creators and are free to charge what they create or put effort in. If someone is doing less hours at work to jailbreak for the community then that is reasonable. I would pay.

  • Skier

    I think it would be stupid to charge people to jailbreak their iPads. Selling the program would be stupid because I think most people would find cracked versions of it and some people would just download it for free.

  • Ken

    I would say, put up a website with Paypal donation account. You can earn money that way

  • Aelhaj

    Guys don’t worry I’ll buy it and then torrent that bitch

  • Aelhaj

    Guys I’ll buy it and torrent that bitch

  • Jflaco33

    Do I look like an idiot why the hell will trust a hacker with any of my personal information. In order for them to get paid they need credit card numbers and that something I will not do. And who to say that this jailbreak hasn’t been done awhile ago and they are just stalling cuz they want to get paid!!

  • Javierrivera

    what!!! noooo !!!

  • Th4twhw

    fuck u put 4.3.5 untethred for iPad 2