iPhone 5 display and/or back to be curved?

The latest rumor from that ever spinning rumor mill, DigiTimes, is that Apple is investing in curved glass. According to “industry sources” Cupertino has ordered between 200-300 glass-cutting machines to be utilized by glass makers over in China, where the devices are built.

This throws up two possibilities. Firstly, we could see a curved glass display, similar to that on the Nexus S. (We’re not sure how popular that would be.) Or we could see a return to the traditional, curved back, that was on previous generations of the iPhone. I, for one, would be glad of the change. I still miss my 3GS’ ergonomic feel, and would jump for joy if Jobs&Co managed to keep the materials currently used in the iPhone 4, but still have a rounded back.

What do you guys want? Would you like the curved display, as seen on the Nexus S? Would  you prefer a curved, glass back? Or both? Tweet me.

Via: DigiTimes

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  • An Tuan

    Having an iPhone 3G [S] myself, I would have to go with the design of how the iPhone 4 already is. I think it look’s a lot more slick and clean with the cut and flat corners. I tried to imagine it after reading this article, but I just can’t get a visual of a curved back for the new and upcoming iPhone.

  • Gerard

    What about a titanium iPhone

  • Larrys7791

    What about the breakage factor of the glass phone. I think I’d rather have aluminum.

  • Lawrence

    I have to agree that with the structural advancements from the iPhone 3G [S] to the iPhone 4, going back would not be ideal. The iPhone 4 looks a lot better than the iPhone 3G [S], although maybe not as comfortable to hold.. Better looking. Although I would have to say I think most people would indeed appreciate an iPhone 5 similar to the iPhone 4.

  • Tom F

    And then there is that carbonfiber rumor.

  • David

    I doubt that the screen will be curved at all. That would take away from the display quality, I would think. My only reasoning for this is the move from curved displays to flat displays in the TV and monitor industries. I may be wrong, however.

  • oh god I will keep my iPhone 4 if they go back to that design that is just going backwards I love the design of the iPhone 4 it feels great in the hands and it is sleek. I don’t get peeps issues with back glass. I use a bumper and body guard drop my phone repeatedly and still mint baby

  • mitch

    why would apple go back to a curved back? the feel of the iPhone 4 in your hand is much better than the 3G or 3GS

    • Cam Bunton

      That’s your opinion. I prefer the curved back. Personal preference.

      • mitch

        true, I just get the feeling it feels more sturdy

        • Cam Bunton

          Of course, it’s definitely sturdier. Can’t argue with that. Ideal situation for me would be an Aluminum back.

  • mitch

    iPhone 4 that is

  • Devin

    The aluminum Back looks Cheap and even feels Cheap. As for going backwards to a curved back, i dont like the sound of that. of course i would have to see it. the 3gs and 3g always felt like i was holding an egg. And when you put it on a flat surface such as a desk and used it. the phone would always move down when you touched it. Now if the back was curved with glass and thinner than iphone 4 That i could see possibly being nice. but the 3g and 3gs felt like an egg to me so i do not like the curved design. lus the iphone 4 is so modern looking

  • Veronica

    Cam, I’m with you. The curved iPhone 3 was definitely better. Easier to hold, better feel, fit well in a pocket etc. Technology is supposed to go smaller, not bigger– and this bigger/bulkier iPhone 4 is the pits.

  • Erik

    My ideal iPhone back would be identical to the iPhone 4, but continuing the metal from the sides. Now that would be cool.

  • Woofeeka

    When the back is curved, it becomes slippery, like you’re holding a fish (like the iPad).  This makes the user nervous.