iPad 2 busted, despite G-form Extreme Sleeve

It seems ironic to post this after Cam just talked about how incredible this product is, but the G-Form Extreme Sleeve may have one flaw.  Though it can protect your iPad from a bowling ball, keep in tact after sky diving, and survive being run over by a car, it can’t handle being tossed onto the concrete in one man’s backyard.  Maybe this sleeve isn’t as indestructible as we all once thought.  The key to its protection is in the material and how it spreads the impact across the entire case.  A nice comparison, made by Jason Perlow in this video, is that the case works in the opposite way of a memory-foam mattress.  Instead of absorbing inward on impact, it hardens and forces the impact away.  However, this only works when the case lands on its “belly.”  As Perlow’s wife demonstrates in their backyard, the iPad isn’t nearly as protected when it lands on its side or corner. This is because all that protects the sides are the zipper, not the floppy and indestructible fabric that G-Form advertises.

I’m not trying to discourage anyone from buying the sleeve (trust me I still think it’s awesome and capable of some amazing things), but I think it is important that everyone sees what G-Form doesn’t want you to.  Check it out and let me know if this changes your mind about buying the G-form Extreme Sleeve.


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  • Francis Williams

    This seems like you are just repeating the same single incident from a week ago reported by Jason Perlow and I think anyone is better off just getting the full story from Jason’s article he wrote on this. He said he still thinks the case is great in general and said the company acknowledges the zipper corner as the weak spot — his throw just unluckily hit that dead on. He said that company is releasing an enhanced version in the next few weeks with an extra piece of the energy absorbing material under that one zipper spot so even this won’t be an issue. In the meantime this thing is still way better than anything else out there and I got one and love it. It doesn’t just have to land on its belly at all to protect as it is, and I have tossed it with it hitting the corners and have not had anything happen. If you take a look at run-over-by car video review that mobileSyrup did they throw it twice before running it over by the car and it doesn’t land flat on its belly either time and was unharmed…. I don’t think you can expect anything to protect against every type of accident but this sure protects against a lot. I think the fact that the present version could survive the abuse in the MobileSyrup review pretty much says it all. Jason wrote that the company will provide a free swap for the enhanced case with added zipper protection but I really love it the way it is. This material is freaky in the way it hardens when hit and I have never seen anything like it.

  • CuriousGeorge

    Caaaaat daddy!

  • Veronica

    His video us extremely annoying…..extra wordy and just sloooooowwww to get to the point. Who cares if he likes the yellow version over the black… Ugh. Was really hard to watch.

  • Keith

    Thank you for saving me quite a few dollars, as I live in UK P + P + import duties + 20% Value added tax would dent me as much as your iPad destructive  wife dented your bank balance !
    Sorry for your Miss-Happ! happy you posted this.
    Thanks again Keith