iPhone 5 revealed? 3.7″ display – image leaked

This is probably the tastiest bit of speculation I’ve seen regarding the iPhone 5 so far. Many rumors were spinning regarding the size of the next generation iPhone’s display. Some said 4″, others stated less. The one problem I always suspected was with the trademark name, “Retina” display. If it was a 4″ display with the same resolution as the iPhone 4, it could no longer be a “Retina” display. The pixel density would fall below 300ppi (pixels per inch) which is the density at which the human retina can no longer distinguish pixels from one another. With a 3.7″ display, it would be 312ppi, just clinging on to its namesake.

The leaked images from M.I.C gadget – a source with reliable leaks in the past – show that, as expected, the form factor will remain the same. The iPhone itself will not be any bulkier, longer, or wider. The display appears to be 3.7″ and not 4″ in the images.┬áThe screen will simply take up more room on the front of the phone. This of course means thinner bezels, but the extra 0.2″ screen real estate should make a noticeable difference.

Of course, what we do know already is that the handset will have the dual-core A5 processor in its circuitry. Now it seems we can tick 3.7″ display off the list of rumors, and move it across to the “almost fact” section. Although it’s only a rumor, I’d put a pretty heavy bet on this turning out to be true.

Are you getting excited yet? Do you even think the iPhone needs a bigger screen? Comment below.

Via: M.I.C. Gadget

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  • Angrymike

    iPhone def needs a bigger screen I was hoping for 4 but 3.7 looks pretty nice

  • Gabrielsp85

    Wow cant you notice notice that’s an iphone clone?

    • Kraz

      it’s not. what made u think its a clone?

      • Sivan

        You know I think he thinks it’s a clone because, IT IS!!! God you must be a complete idiot to say that’s not a clone

  • Daniel

    Ugh. I just hope they would change the look. Even a metal back would be fine. I just hate having the same look as my last one. :(

  • Taylor

    I still think that the iPhone 4 screen was a good size.

  • Richard A.

    Who cares if there’s no real functional difference with the added real estate?

  • clouds

    oO I’m using an HTC DesireHD with a 4.3″ display. I could never go back to anything below 4″ :/ Its just so much more relaxing if you dont have to squeeze the thing in front of your face and can let it rest comfortably on your thighs when watching a movie.

  • casteel

    LOL no surprise. never trust apple to change the look. maybe when they come out with the one after they might be able to change something. android all the way!!!

  • Josh Johnson

    I actually prefer the 3.5″ screen. I thinks it’s the perfect size for a phone.

    • Lou

      A 4.3″ form factor does not fit well in the average size hand. I would continue to use the same form factor but go edge to edge (3.7″-4″) screen. The iPhone is the perfect size but the current screen size is a little on the small side.