iPhone 5 release in September, production starts in July – rumor


iPhone 5 release date rumors keep on coming. The latest comes from Reuters who claim to have three sources familiar with plans. All three asked not to be identified, as usual, and each confirmed the same story.

The iPhone 5, they claim, will begin production in July and gradually increase through August, ready for a September launch. They also stated that it will look almost identical to the iPhone 4, but it will have a faster processor. (The dual-core A5 used in the iPad, most likely.)

If this turns out to be true, which it seems likely to be, then I’m terribly disappointed. Firstly, I’m not to keen on the iPhone 4 design as it is, so to have another year with the same flat-backed, uncomfortable device is irritating. Secondly, Apple needs to respond to its larger screened competitors. Virtually every other high end smartphone has at least a 3.7″ display, most have 4″ or more. Thirdly, if Apple’s had three months longer to design and manufacture a brand new device, you’d expect it to be something radically different from last year’s offering. This is all, of course, unless iOS 5 happens to be something so completely radical that it transforms your iPhone user experience.

What do you guys think? Would you be disappointed if the iPhone 5 was an iPhone 4GS? Sound off below. Also, follow me on twitter – @TiP_Cam.

Via: Reuters

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  • the current Iphone looks great. but it needs to have 4 inch screen. I would hate to have have to buy a droid

  • Larrys7791

    Needs a new shell (glass for crying out loud!) and 4″ screen.

  • Skumdog

    I have been disappointed with the iPhone since its inception. It lacks all of today’s great phone abilities. Android forever!

  • tema

    The only thing that bothers me (prolly not only me, but everyone who owned an iphone) is that small screen. i mean thats the only reason why im not looking forward to get the new iphone if it keeps the same size screen…disapointment -_-

  • Tom F

    I like the current format. A larger screen would be nice for movies bit not for every day use. Currently I can hold the phone in my palm and reach everything on the screen with my thumb. I do not know if I could do that one handed operation with a larger screen.

    More than likely I will stay with my 4 until the iPhone LTE comes out.

  • dLjSM7902

    I’d just like a change to the same OS layout, and quick widgets. Such as the ability to turn off Bluetooth & Wi-Fi from an actual home screen. Or to be able to see my day from the home screen (dates & appointments). Other than that, the model of the iPhone 4 is fine with me!

    • mm

      uhhh… ever heard of jailbreak?

      • daniel

        uhhh ever heard of lazy?

  • Meh, I’m fine with it. Happy actually since I won’t be chomping at the bit to upgrade. I think it makes sense for them to release a spankin’ new phone every 2 years rather than every year when considering all those folks on contracts.

  • Keith

    Don’t think a 4gs will do that great it would be a waste.

  • kevychevy795

    I hope that the next generation iPhone will be on Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. And now that the 4G market is getting stronger they should have a 4G in it. The screen is a big issue for some people. The iPhone has a very small screen which is very small compared to its competitors which have at least 3.7″ screens. And hopefully this iPhone will ship out in either black or white. I really hope they bring the iPhone to T-Mobile because tons of iPhone users use their iPhone on the T-Mobile network, but the down side is that it only uses edge. I think they will being the iPhone to T-Mobile because of the news that AT&T wil acquire T-Mobile. So hopefully, Apple will bring the iPhone to T-Mobile.

  • Styles

    The real question is, would it be sold unlocked????

    • oliver

      it always has been in the uk :)

  • Awesome

    Um… Yeah. I’m definitely going with android now. iOS is weak. I have an iPhone now but I’m going with android next.

  • Swanny

    No 4″ screen, No LTE, No iphone for me. I’ll settle for a droid.

  • i wood Like towinn a now cell Phone four free

  • RyderWifee

    I’m hoping for a larger screen, dual core processor, and 4G compatibility. Apple pushes out updates faster than Android because you’re not relying on the carriers to do it. Also, during Android’s developer confrence the “updates” Google was making to the OS was not shown on a future release but one of the current one’s FroYo I believe, and from what I’ve been reading nothing worked. If the next release of Android was similar to Honeycomb running on the tablets then I may consider it harder. Maybe, some decisions will be made sooner if Apple releases 5th Generation info at WWDC 2011 on Monday.
    For the person hoping that T-mobile will get the iphone….I doubt it, T-mobile will cease to exsist once the purchase of T-mobile is approved. T-mobile customers will then be AT&T customers, it’s a take over not a merger!

  • Hcrawley0275

    I’d be completely pissed.  I’ve waiting two years for a new phone and the Iphone 4 design is somewhat lacking.  Also, if your going to make a device that primary use is web browsing and video and music,  make it so one can see what’s on the screen by making the screen larger.  I had an evo 4g and short of the network it was on, it was much better for web browsing and video, not so much on the music side, but apples had the corner on that market for quite some time.  I also would like to see it in both a 4G version on ATT and 4G LTE version on Verizon, so I would have a choice of carriers that support both voice and data at the same time. is that two much to ask.  I mean really what the heck.