iOS 5 wish list – top 3 most wanted changes

With news recently that this summer’s WWDC event will focus mainly on software, it seemed right to conduct a little questionnaire on our Facebook site. The question I asked was “what area of iOS does Apple need to address in the next major update?” Now, this was presuming that Jobs&Co will be unveiling iOS 5 in June.

iOS has been virtually the same since its launch on the original iPhone back in 2007. It’s had the same notifications, the same icon layout, and the overall design is pretty much as it was. So what were the three most hankered after features in our poll?

1. Notifications – (32% vote so far)

No surprise here. Every single year before the iPhone is launched almost everyone states their desire for a less obtrusive notifications system. Why, oh why can’t we have a drag down, or pull up bar that hides until we want to see it? Surely we don’t need that annoying blue pop-up ruining virtually anything we could be doing on our iDevices. Apple did hire a the guy behind WebOS’s notifications last year. Hopefully he’s being made useful.

2. True Multitasking – (17.7% vote so far)

App switching just aint cutting it for must of us. Seriously, in most occasions I’ve not found it to be that useful. In fact, I often forget to do it, preferring instead to do it the old fashioned way. I know real multitasking would drain the battery a little more, but surely it’s worth it? I don’t want my device to simply remember where I was last time I was using it. Palm WebOS handles it very well, and with the next iPhone hopefully being powered by the dual-core A5 processor, there’s no reason why iOS can’t do it.

3. Wireless Sync, without jailbreak – (14.9% vote so far)

I have to admit, I threw this option in on a whim, but it has proven pretty popular among our Facebook fans. Last year an app was rejected from the App Store which enabled the user to wireless sync with iTunes over WiFi or bluetooth. Presumably the amount of time it would take to sync up, and the amount of battery power drained would make this a negative experience for most. However, it would be great to not have to plug in the USB cable every time I wanted a recently downloaded song on my iPad.

So how about you guys? Our fellow iOS lovers, and readers, what do you think iOS needs to shape up? Does Android now make it look a dinosaur? What does it need to put off a Windows Phone resurgence? Comment below or tweet @TiP_Cam.

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  • MICHEAL_101

    Wireless sync would take to long. Your better off plugging it in. Unless your just syncing over one songs or so. And I like iOS multitasking what can’t I do on any other platform that I can’t do on my iPhone? Now notifications, that’s what needs to be fixed. (:

  • Collin

    I for one want nothing to do with “True Multitasking.” I’ve used Android phones limitedly, and once a few apps are running everything just slows down to a crawl and the battery drains and drains. True multitasking just isn’t meant for limited battery based systems. But yeah the other two suggestions I agree with.

  • Joe

    Yah what do you mean true mulitaksing. No os has true multitasking. If they did then games would be running while they were not playing them. IOS multitasking is the best version, it doesn’t use up battery and I’d hidden in the background.

    • Honestly Googles android’s OS does have more of a true multitask then iOS does.
      Androids multitask does run programs in the background similar to how a computer runs programs in the background. Apples iOS does more of a “app switcher” then multitask. I have the Sprint Evo and I honestly wish the android multitasker was a little more like the iOS’s just because I think it destroys the batteries on androids phones, but I dont know that for sure, because i adverage 10-13+ hours a day. But I dont talk on the phone that much just brief 10-15min calls here and there, mostly heavy texting and tweeting, and moderate emailing. I do not have an iPhone to compare battery life, but I do have an iPod and I think my iPod dies quicker then my Evo, but I use the iPod more for apps, music and internet then I do my phone.

  • One thing i have noticed since ive updated my iPod touch (4th generation) is every-so-often when I am on the web or in Twitter or what not. The little thing where the time is on the top bar sometimes will flash green, and maybe a couple hours ago it flashed red. It reminded me of the AT&T commercials where the guy is online and it gives him the option to switch back to his call. Has anyone else had this???