Schiller Tweets confirming white iPhone, is it the 4 or 5?

Are you kidding me? In what has to be the longest delay from announcement to launch, the white iPhone is finally getting ready for its debut. Phil Schiller, senior veep of worldwide product marketing, answered a Twitter inquiry about this once-widely anticipated gadget with the following:


Now this leads sites like Engadget and RedmondPie to pose an interesting question, one that opens up a new world of possibility – Is Schiller talking about a snow-colored iPhone 4 or something different? A version of the iPhone 4 launching this spring, right before a new iPhone announcement, would be illogical. Who would buy a device that’s outdated almost upon sale?

There’s an outside chance that Cupertino could fudge the iPhone announcement timeline. Normally, the company is extremely committed to its historical launch dates (iPhone – June/July, iPod Touch – Aug/Sep, and recently iPad – March/April). But Apple has been doing things a little differently lately. The Verizon iPhone debut changed things up this year, and the major fail that has been the white iPhone’s market arrival is uncharacteristic of them. Elsewhere on the webs, at least one of the rumors out there puts an iPad 3 arrival squarely in the iPod Touch’s fall timeframe – which would be both crazy (less than a year before another iPad?) and very logical (in time for the holiday shopping season).

If Apple was interested in tweaking the product launch schedule, this would be a prime opportunity to do it, no?

So what are we looking at? Could the upcoming arrival of a white iPhone actually be an early launch for the iPhone 5? (An early arrival is actually another theory posited by the rumor mongers.) Could it be a limited time/limited edition launch for a select number of units? Or will Apple defy logic and release last year’s model right before the new version? Deposit your opinion below.

Via: Engadget, Twitter

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  • ryan

    maybe this will be an iphone 4.5 or something, the cheaper version that has been rumored and they will release that in the spring and the Iphone 5 in the normal june event.

  • Ryan

    Early June is still considered spring.

  • william

    its a ossibility that they will release an upgraded version of iphone 4 that will be available in white and black or white only

  • TS75

    Hi Adriana,
    I recently came to know that the British band Gorillaz came up with a new album called The Falls which was recorded using iPad while they were on tour last year in fall. We actually went to see them play at Oakland in October!

    I just thought that was cool thing to do.

    • Cam Bunton

      Hey TS75 – Nice to “See” you again. I heard about the iPad-recorded album by the Gorillaz, not downloaded it yet. Just FYI, Adriana is no longer on Today’s iPhone, she left at the beginning of last week to explore pastures new. I’m now managing editor of this site, so if you have any more cool tips, feel free to email cam [at] todaysiphone [dot] com.

      • TS75

        Hi Cam,
        Thanks for the reply. Oh No.. Adriana left? Man I haven’t been around here since ages. That’s a big news. Last night I kind of realized that as I couldn’t see any of her recent posts over a month which is very rare. I really enjoyed her articles and this site of hers and she was a really fair in listening and replying to my comments despite I rant about certain things on her site. That’s the thing I really liked about her. I am going to miss her! :-(

        If you happened to talk to her, pass regards and good luck in her new ventures from TS75!

        And, if I find any cool tip I will write to you.

      • TS75

        And no good bye article like Noah? That’s not fair really….

      • TS75

        And hey congratulations for the Managing Editor role!

        • Cam Bunton

          Thanks very much. Your comments are always welcome here, even if you do rant. Everyone’s allowed their own opinion, and you should be free to express it. I look forward to more “rants”. ;-)