Verizon iPhone: The breakdown on monthly fees

Verizon iPhone ordering time is almost here! Just a scant few more hours to go! For an idea of what you can expect to pay monthly, here are a few details, courtesy of the carrier: a basic voice plan that includes 450 minutes monthly will cost $40. For voice and text that includes unlimited text messages, the price starts at $60. And that well-publicized unlimited data plan (which is only available for a limited time) is $30. Mobile hotspot, of course, is an extra $20 per month.

Here’s the full rundown:

– 450 min for $40 per month
– 900 min for $60 per month
– Unlimited min for $70 per month
– Unlimited data for $30 per month (limited time offer)
– 2 GB data for mobile hotspot feature for $20 per month
– 250 messages for $5 per month
– 500 messages for $10 per month
– Á la carte texts: $0.20 cents per message
– Unlimited messages for $20 per month

Verizon will charge $199.99 for the 16GB model and $299.99 for the 32GB model with a new two-year contract.

So weigh in – how do you think this compares with AT&T’s offerings? And are you planning to snag one of these Verizon iPhone 4s? Let us know what your plans are in the comments.

Via: AP, MacDailyNews

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  • happyperson

    i just ordered mine. no website problems yet. but its only 15 min past launch, and i’m only awake because it’s 10PM here in hawaii

  • Shaun

    Wow your plans are expensive in the US. I pay $30 a month here in Australia amd have unlimited calls, txts and data to anyone and anywhere in Aus.

  • Kt

    Costs way more than I pay for my iPhone on AT&T, and service is great in my area.
    I figured Verizon would be more expensive

  • J0nnyAppl3s33d

    So just to be clear there is an unlimited text messaging option ($20) for the Verizon iPhone?

  • sadperson

    what happens when the $30 unlimited data plan special offer is over? What are the rates going to be??

    • J0nnyAppl3s33d

      I’m guessing the data plans will just go to the same plans that AT&T is currently providing with the data plus at $15 dollars for 200MB and then the data pro for $25 dollars for 2GB.

  • Rex Schroder

    I have a Blackberry Storm with VZW and the costs are virtually the same for the iPhone – no big deal for me.

  • TS75

    You are doing great job in making people’s life easy in deciding which carrier to choose from for the iPhone 4! I don’t need an iPhone for the reasons I provided in my epic rants before but I do want to shout out and say that you guys are awesome! I always critics on the iOS devices in my comments most of the time but I do want to give kudos for all your hard work! Keep the good work! :-)