Virgin Mobile to offer mobile hotspot at Wal-Mart


iPod Touch and Wifi-only iPad users looking for mobile data connection, would you spend $20/month for 1GB data – without a contract?

Tomorrow, Wal-Mart is planning to unveil Virgin Mobile’s Broadband2Go at this price point, which matches the MiFi offer by Verizon Wireless – except Big Red’s price requires an iPad/MiFi bundle and a two-year contract. Virgin Mobile’s service – which runs on the Sprint network – doesn’t need any of that, though it does require its MiFi 2200 or Ovation MC760 USB dongle (the latter of which won’t work for any of our iDevices. Sorry – no USB drive). The MiFi, however, should work just fine for our i-using ways.

Of course, Virgin does offer an unlimited plan for $40/month and a $10/month plan for 100MB of data. But really, 100MB is pretty paltry, and $40 can be tough to swallow for some folks. $20 seems like a sweet spot, and the fact that it’s a no-contract deal seems pretty good to me.

Anyone have experience with Broadband2Go? Would you recommend it? Share your impressions below.

If you’re interested in snagging this deal, it will only be available only at brick-and-mortar Wal-Marts and at its online store.




  • Vincent

    It’s better then nothing, but would be very frustrating if this was your only device. Slow speeds happen often, the modem goes dormant (requiring a reset) and won’t turn off when plugged in. I think the $20 is pretty reasonable to get occasional eMail and web browsing on the road….