Quick tip of the day: ICantFindMyPhone.com

Ever misplaced your iPhone at home? A typical way of locating the device is to call it from another phone and listen for the ringing. But what if you have no other phone to call from? Many households have cut the cord on landlines and gone cell phone only.

It’s easy. Just dial your device from the web. There are several free sites for this, and one of my favorites is ICantFindMyPhone.com. Unlike, say, the Google services, I only need to type in the number and listen for the ringing — no wasting precious seconds logging in and waiting for my account to come up.

Simple, free and perfect. No wonder it’s a favorite of so many mobile phone users out there. (If you lose your iPhone a lot, you may want to bookmark the site.)



UPDATE: Well, this Quick Tip of the Day certainly got devalued with iOS 4.2 launching today — with Find My iPhone included for free! For ease of use with no logins, I still like the basic functionality of this site. But for way more robust features, check out the new treat Apple just gave us! Click here for all the details!

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