Changing the iPhone 4 back plate is easy [VID]

iPhone 4 has a swappable back plate? YES. And changing it out is super easy to do, as Adriana finds out. Here, the iPhone 4’s glass backplate gets taken off and replaced with a metal one from iPhone components site Check it out.

[NOTE: Opening your iPhone CAN void its warranty. If you attempt this, act at your own risk. And for goodness’ sake, definitely hang onto the original backing. You never know when you need to pop that back on, so you can take it to the store.]

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  • Andrew Steffy

    I got the same back. unfortunately I ordered the flat metal one. The sent me the wrong one.

    Im actually glad they did, it feels super nice in the hand now. not so rigid anymore.

  • Ray

    I ordered same one but not raised to. Sadly the order stayed a month in processing and im now waiting my 7-10 business days. Rather ridiculous. But apple tried to charge me over $100 to fix my broken glass back. When god knows it doesn’t cost that much to make. Now I’m going to order STEEL for only $15, I love china

  • Saul

    I ordered this. Looks great and feels great but when you take a picture there’s some shadow around the picture (mostly on the corners) when it’s taken and you can even see it before you’re about to take the picture. This is probably because the lens cover is further away from the lens than the orgininal and gives off less space because of this distance. Also, after installation and putting the screws back on, try sliding up the back like you did when you took of the glass back. It comes right off, this is because the screws don’t fit the back.

  • tom

    What a dumb c****. She doesn’t even know what a phillips head screw driver is. And then she mentions she is going to pop the silver thing on. I mean how dumb is this f****** broad?

    Does she always have to act so f******* stupid.

    • Adriana Lee

      I see everyone’s favorite misogynist is back on the site.

      For the record, yes, I know what a phillips screwdriver is. If you were actually watching, you’d notice that I couldn’t see the tip because the tool was fitted in the screw and turning it. But even if I didn’t – who cares? This isn’t Today’s Screwdriver, after all.

      Relax. Go have a bran muffin or something. Maybe spread some cheer instead of nastiness. And next time you’re on my site, watch your language. There are kids who read these comments.

      Happy holidays.

      • Mark

        “This isn’t Today’s Screwdriver, after all.”

        There you go! The next big hit! ;)

    • August Griggs

      dude she does know what a phillips head screw driver is, she said it in the first place and then the other guy just confirmed it. and honestly who cares if she says “silver thing.” i would just want to thank her for showing how easy it is to replace the easily breakable glass back and also provide a site with good replacements.

    • Kiki

      i know this is late but he just got pawned!!! Adriana is funny idk why she just is:)

  • Kot

    The ones on their website dont show the black APPLE logo, so I was wondering if logo gets imprinted after the purchase?

    • Adriana Lee

      @Kot: Looks like they’re not selling it anymore. Either they’re temporarily sold out or they stopped carrying it (perhaps Apple didn’t like after-market accessory makers poaching their logo?). I do see one model there that still has it, but it’s a different style. ( )

      To answer your question, the one we installed arrived with the imprint on it, basically painted on. Hopefully, if it’s just out of stock, they’ll have more. If not, at least it looks like they have several new styles there since we did the vid. (Unfortunately, most of those don’t have the logo or text.)

      Good luck. Let us know which one you decide to go with!

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