GPS Tuner app, the off-road sat nav for outdoorsy folk

At the moment, in the App Store, there are plenty of GPS apps that help you whilst driving. They tell you where to turn, how long it’ll take you to get there, sometimes your average speed. However, not many will offer you off-road routes, or paths. GPS Tuner does that, plus, much more.

My first worry initially was, as most GPS apps require a constant data connection, what if I get in to the wilderness and there’s no coverage? This software saves the maps to your phone, in case you enter a dead zone. How cool? Not only that, it helps you avoid obstacles, like mountains, rivers, ponds and large rodents. (Maybe not the rodents, but it will help you plan to get by big things that may hinder your drive/hike/ride.) There’s more too. You can even draw on the map, with your finger, and it’ll estimate your journey distance, and time. It sounds incredible.

It gets better. Any of you social network addicts, who are also partial to a spot of outdoor pursuits, can also update statuses based on where you are. You can take photos, and geo-tag them. Unfortunately though, the app isn’t out yet. It’s waiting to be approved by Apple, but could well be making its entrance to the App Store over the next few days. Until then, here’s a video to get your thirst for adventure going:


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