Offbeat iPhone: Apple trademarks its boxes

It’s always good for a company to protect what’s theirs, be it a logo, a product, or even a packaging style. Well, Apple has recently filed two trademarks for boxes. These aren’t just any boxes though; it’s the packaging that contains their beautiful iDevices, particularly the iPad and iPhone 4.

The trademark describes the black and white color scheme as one of the features that’s unique to Apple. (And the iPad documents lay claim to the blues and whites used on the exterior.) I don’t blame Apple for wanting to keep its packaging style exclusive; after all, those are beautifully designed boxes. Or maybe the company just did it so that, as other copycat products arise, buyers won’t have to be confused with similar looking items on the shelves.

Apple trademark list is expansive, with 181 entries already (if I counted right). Cupertino has laid claim to things you would expect like Multi-Touchâ„¢, Facetime®, and iPhone®. But they have also trademarked other things, like New York® and Aqua®. (All this time I thought Aqua was just water, but turns out, it is a user interface owned by Jobs & Co.)

And now we have the latest greatest concept to join the ranks of Apple’s advanced mobile technology concepts, and it’s a box.

Do you think it was a smart move for Apple, or are they just being paranoid?

Via: iSmashPhone

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