Google Mobile iPhone app pushes it real good

The Google-Apple relationship may be strained, but it’s like a co-dependent couplehood: Like it or not, both companies can’t quite quit each other. And this, friends, is good news for us users.

Google has tweaked its Google Mobile iPhone app to support push notifications for its Calendar and Gmail services. That means you can get actual notifications on your handset when new data/messages come in, as well as an icon badge, to tip you off that there’s new info. You can even set a “quiet time,” if you have specific periods when you don’t want the notifications.

To be honest, my iPhone’s built-in Calendar app is already set to sync with GCal, and it does a decent job with alerts/reminders for appointments, so this aspect isn’t really a game changer for me. But what’s making me jump for joy is that new email alert feature. My jailbreaking friends have been telling me about Cydia apps that offer email notifications (like Elert, for example), but now I’m stoked that there’s finally a sanctioned method for Gmail users.

Unfortunately, just like the old version of Google Mobile, clicking on Gmail launches the web browser, not the Mail app. And the badge number only refers to the messages in the inbox, and you can’t change that. So if you have filters, it doesn’t count new emails sorted in different labels/folders. (And I’d love to turn badges off, but keep notifications on. That’s not possible yet.)

So it’s not perfect. Even so, it’s still better than nothing, and I’d prefer to have this functionality than not.

The update also includes a refinement to the search functionality. So just start typing, and the app will get right to work bringing up flight info, weather, stock quotes or currency conversions.

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Via: Google Mobile Blog

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  • xiaoa

    ok!more powerful !
    email alert feature ,it is very nice for me , i am a businessman and i must know my e-mail in time , if my iphone can alert me , i don’t open my inbox from time to time .
    in addition, i think Aneesoft iphone tools is also a good helper for me ~~