The artsy iPhone 4: GelaSkins unveils new collection

Aesthetes take note! You can now get stunning modern art skins for the iPhone 4, courtesy of GelaSkins, one of the premier makers of skins for mobile devices. The company just announced availability for its latest product line.

The good news here is that, despite what must’ve been a more complicated design and cutting process over previous iPhones (with the new squarish shape and flat sides), these latest products have not had any price bump. At $14.95, they cost the same as the skins for previous iPhone models and iPod Touch devices. (Selections for the iPad are also available at $29.95.)

There’s even better news than that: The company purports that placing a GelaSkin on your device — especially over the side-situated antenna component — can help prevent your fingers from interfering with the antenna signal without having to slap on an expensive or bulky case, or a horrible looking rubber band.

With well over 100 stunning styles to choose from, there are too many to show them all here, but the following are my favorites. Be sure to check out the full collection on the site by clicking this link.


For more iPhone 4 cases and skins, be sure to hit our other accessories posts. We’ll be adding more as time goes on, so check back regularly!

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  • Jenn

    I LOVE the Keep Calm case. Must own!