Fix your iPhone 4 “Death Grip” issue with a free LifeGrip case

If you want to resolve your iPhone 4’s antenna problems for free, you have a couple of choices:

  • Slap a big rubber band or stretchy bracelet on it. (Kinda ugly, blocks ports)
  • Stick electrical tape around the lower corners. (Incredibly ugly, blocks good taste)
  • Grab a free case. (Yay!)

To help with option 3, online retailer is offering iPhone 4-compatible silicone cases for free, with the cost of shipping ($3 first-class shipping within the U.S.). Customers get a choice of five colors: Purple, rose and blue, which ship this week, and black and white styles, which are available around July 19th.

Given that these are made of silicone, LifeGrips could not only help with the signal problems resulting from touching the phone’s external antennae at the lower corners, but may also offer a little shock absorption for minor slips or drops.

We’re not familiar with, so we can’t vouch for this company, but if you are, weigh in below and share your thoughts.

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