Chicks ‘n Clicks: Can the IvySkin case boost iPhone 4 reception?

Maybe I’ve seen too many romantic comedies lately, but when I discovered an item about the IvySkin iPhone 4 Reception Case, an imaginary love letter popped into my head to “Ivy” from “iPhone 4.” It went something like this:


Dear Ivy S.,

You already had me at hello. What a pretty profile pic. You are sleek and sexy, and — I hope you don’t my saying this — at $15, you’re a pretty cheap date. We might be a match made in heaven.

It looks like you have more than just beauty, but brains too: You can boost my reception?! WOW. I’ve heard a lot of pick-up lines in my time, but the promise of clearer signals, “fewer dropped calls, wider coverage areas, and faster downloads” could make you my number one. Maybe I’m your reason for being, but I think you just might make me a better phone.

I have to admit, I have issues with communication. I may have a stainless steel frame, but my reception is vulnerable. Could your impossibly thin polycarbonate shell protect it? There are a lot of other cases on the market that look like they could do the same, but I’ll give you benefit of the doubt — at least until we can come together in real life.

I dearly hope you’re not like other online matches, which look far better on the internet than they do in person. But you do seem to have quite the svelte figure, at 0.6 mm thickness on the back and 0.8 mm at the sides. I can’t wait to see it up close.


An iPhone 4 Desperately Seeking a Case


Don't we look great together?


We’re asking for a product sample to see if the claims made by Ivy S. hold up. In the meantime, here are some other deets on this compelling candidate:

The IvySkin iPhone 4 Reception Case also includes front and back Anti-Scratch Screen guard protectors, and customers who purchase this $15 case also get a $15 credit toward the company’s upcoming SmartCase for iPhone 4, which ships in August.

The only other case we know of that purportedly helps to prevent antenna interference comes from Apple itself. But aspersions have been cast lately about the effectiveness of Apple’s rubber and plastic Bumper cases — that is, if you can even get your hands on them. Right now, there’s still a three-week wait for delivery.

Could impact-resistant polycarbonate, like Ivy’s, do the trick? We’ll soon see. I personally hope so. I’d prefer the near-invisible aesthetic of this item, and the slimness would ensure that the phone still fits in my skinny jeans or small clutch purse.

Anything would be an improvement on my device’s current cover: I’m using a microsuede pouch from another electronic which coincidentally fits this phone, but has me gingerly removing the device with two hands. Nothing less ladylike than yanking it from the slippery sleeve and dropping it on the sidewalk.

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  • Jenn

    It’s barely there! I like it! And I like that it doesn’t cost $30+. I can’t wait to hear if it really does cure reception issues.

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  • Jacque Bohne

    I love my Iphone 4 alot, but this reception problem Im having is really becoming a hassle. I hope Apple would give us a free bumper. If they do not handle this issue its really going to damage their reputation.

  • Henry

    Do NOT buy the Ivyskin leather case! Mine ripped three days after I bought it – yes, the LEATHER ripped when I pulled the strap to get my iPhone out. AND, despite a clear statement on the Ivyskin website that the leather case is covered by a full lifetime warranty, they refused to give me a refund. Not surprisingly, they refused to post my negative review on their website….