AT&T giving away MicroCells [Update: But not to everyone]

Hot on the heels of the much overstated iPhone 4 reception issue, AT&T has finally decided to try and make things right. It appears Old Blue has been sending out coupons to its many loyal customers for a free MicroCell. One customer states that they received a letter from AT&T saying that “[They are] now eligible for a free 3G MicroCell. All that is necessary is to present the letter at an AT&T store and get a free 3G MicroCell, no strings attached, no cost.”

Now it’s pretty simple what these MicroCells do. By connecting the device to your own in-house broadband internet connection, you are able to route all voice, text and data from your mobile device through the MicroCell without a need for much cellular signal from AT&T.

This is great news for those of you that have recently purchased the i4 and have experienced the infamous “Death Grip.” But there is still one problem – AT&T has also mentioned before that use of the MicroCell will still eat away at those precious Gigabytes you pay for, even though this data is being routed through your home network.

Did any of you get the same letter? Let us know in the comments

Via AppleInsider


UPDATE: According to Engadget, it seems AT&T is only sending out free MicroCells in a small test trial. Looks like it’s playing with free vs. fee-for-hardware models. FWIW, I vote for the former.

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