Apple now processing refunds for iPhone 4 Bumpers

Looks like Apple has begun processing refunds for iPhone 4 Bumpers. According to members of the MacRumors forums, the company has started issuing the following email.


The company is also expected to address those who purchased a Bumper in its brick-and-mortar stores, but details have yet to be released on that. We’re also awaiting word on how iPhone 4 customers can get a free case, as promised by Steve Job at last week’s press event.

As a temporary solution to the signal issues the iPhone 4 is experiencing, Apple is offering free Bumper cases to all iPhone 4 customers and offering refunds to those who already purchased one. (The Bumper cases presumably help lessen the signal issues some users have experienced with their handsets.) It is Apple’s first step in combating the issue, without any hardware repairs.

Bumper customers, have you gotten your email yet? Let us know.

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