8 rugged covers for iPhone 4 abusers

It’s summer, and you know what that means — lots of activities and outdoor recreation. But can your new iPhone 4 take a potential beating? If you’re an active person in need of the ultimate defense for your new phone (or you’re just clumsy, like I am), then you may be interested in the following round-up of cases. Here are eight styles coming to market that promise to guard that shiny new device.


Commuter Series

Defender Series

Impact Series

iPhone 4 Otterbox — $19.99 – $49.99

Otterbox is a brand that many of us have come to know and love. To uphold its tradition of high-quality protection in the cell phone industry, the company anounced its new iPhone 4–compatible versions of the Commuter, Defender and Impact series cases. No ship dates have been given yet, but if you’re interested, hit the company’s newly revamped website to be notified by email when they become available.


iPhone 4 Ballistic HC Series Case — Unknown

With a name like Ballistic, this case has just gotta be tough. With four layers of protection and a built-in screen protector, this accessory also features an added clip to holster your iPhone onto your hip or purse. No date or price have been announced yet, so check the website for details or to sign up for an email announcement when they debut.


iPhone 4 ZAGG Skins Unlimited Expressions and iPhone 4 Invisible Shield — $19.99 – $34.98

Maybe you’re looking to protect your iPhone from scratches while adding a little flare. Zagg may be one of the coolest skins around. Creators of the military-grade Invisible Shield film protectors, Zagg offers the peace of mind that you can only get by knowing that your iPhone will be scratch-resistant from the keys in your pocket. The company has hundreds of designs to choose from, or you can select one of your own images. The picture you choose will protect the back of your new iPhone. (Plus, it’s only an extra $15 for Unlimited Expressions customers to pick up the Invisible Shield, which is normally $24.99.)


iPhone 4 Moto Skin Case — $29.95

Gumdrop’s Moto Skin Case design, inspired by moto-cross tires, promises to protect from dirt and minor wipeouts. You have a choice of three colors for this case including gray, black and blue.


iPhone 4 Gumdrop Skin Case — $29.95

Gumdrop certainly seems to like extreme sports, and this case is no exception. This surfer-themed cover offers a form-hugging fit, while the lightweight silicone provides scratch resistance and protection from minor drops. You can pick one up in clear, black, pink or blue.


SILICRYLIC Silicon Case — $29.99

This two-layered case uses a polycarbonate plastic exterior covering a silicone gel case that works as a shock absorber when dropped. It was designed for maximum iPhone protection without sacrificing the clean aesthetics that most iPhone lovers tend to prefer. You have a choice of black, pink, navy blue, purple and white.



Got a great lead on a super sturdy case that wasn’t listed above? Hit the comments and let us know!


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  • http://thepursuitofapple.com Josh Noalan

    I suggest Shieldskins, there just as good, if not better than invisible shield, for half the price, http://shieldskins.com

  • Darrickx24

    Speck cases are pretty sturdy. Loves it on my 3G 3GS and now my 4.

  • Rob

    I got the Ballistic HC case the other day at an AT&T store ($49.99). Pros: Completely covers phone including builtin screen protector. Outer silicon skin comes off easily to make just a hard case. Solid belt clip. Probably one of the best for total protection. Cons: Completely covers phone…you won’t be showing it off but it’s easy to remove the phone. A bit bulky. built in screen cover seems to scratch easily..this might cause some cloudiness after time. Oily like air bubbles under the screen protector but I seem to have solved this by cleaning both phone face and screen protector with non-abrasive window cleaner. If you need or want total phone protection, like I did, this is one to consider. Note: It is not water tight. Openings at the top for earphone jack and bottom for charger.

  • John Owens

    To be considered rugged, the case should have the following qualities:
    1. The screen protection should be a part of the case front. (no separate paste on screen protectors with the home botton hole)

    2. The home button should be completely sealed from dirt and moisture by the front faceplate.

    3. All buttons and bottom plug should be sealed from dirt and moisture.

    4. This one really baffles me the most: When the phone is in the holster, (ANY cell phone for that matter!) it should be facing inward toward the body NOT outwards.

    5. And the least but most noticable omission…….. The phone case needs to come with a holster! Duh! Now that you have that great looking case, where are you going to put it? The rubber sticks to your pocket sides and it makes it very hard to get it out of a generic case.
    If it dosen’t come with a holster, I don’t even look at it.

    I have had 3 so called rugged cases so far and still am waiting for the perfect one to come along but the Ballisitc is the best so far but not perfect. the outer rubber cover fit is very loose and sloppy but the front is well protected.

    My otterbox defender was a real big dissappointment after having the O’Box defender for the 3GS, the iphone 4 defender is 1/4 as durable as the 3gs defender.

    The Sedio would have been my choice for a great looking top notch case if it hadn’t been for the wipe on screen protector. (exposed home button is a no no)

    The Griffin Survivor would have been another excellent choice but when in the holster, the screen faces outwards which is unacceptable.

    Just FYI based on my experience.