Top 5 Questions I’ve Been Asked About the iPhone 4

With any new launch, there are questions. With the iPhone 4, the number of questions raised is staggering. I should know – I work for a national wireless retailer. In this light, I have put together a list of the top 5 questions I have been asked about the new iPhone. Some are based on content; some sheer hilarity.

(Full disclosure – I don’t yet have one. Waiting for the white version :( )


Number One: Is the new iPhone available on Verizon or T-Mobile?

No!!! Not yet at least. My personal opinion is that it will go to Sprint or T-Mobile first, and if/when Verizon gets it, it will be last.


Number Two: Is the screen as big as the EVO or Incredible?

No. However, having a short hands-on with the iPhone 4 today, I can say that “small” may just be the next big thing. Even though it is really thin, it is substantial (even a little heavier than the 3GS), and feels unlike any other phone out there. I never thought any phone could make an HD2 feel like an “average” smartphone when it comes to the feel of the build quality, but the iPhone 4 accomplishes that handily.


Number Three: Where can I get one?

In addition to Apple and AT&T, other retailers like Walmart, Best Buy and Radio Shack are also selling them. But good luck trying to saunter in and pick one up. If you didn’t preorder, expect supplies to be low (or practically nonexistent) for a while. If you can wait, the best route is to get your preorder in for mid or late-July fulfillment. At least you’ll be assured to get it then. There’s also the eBay or Craigslist routes, but handsets there will likely be at a premium.


Number Four: Can it be plugged into a wall and used as a house phone? (No joke – I’ve gotten that twice in the last day and a half.)

Ummm… no. It’s a cell phone.


Number Five: Where is the best place I can go for all the latest news and notes on the new iPhone and everything iOS 4?

Well, there’s (our parent company), which covers the major Apple mobility news along with all the other big devices in the mobile market. And of course,! For the big news rocking the market, make sure to bookmark these sites.


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