Starbucks Wifi goes free, allows Skype & FaceTime vid conferencing!

Great news, everyone! Starbucks announced recently that its vast network of Wifi is going totally gratis on July 1. (Well, it’s vast in that there seems to be more Starbucks than iPhone users in this country.)

AND it gets even better. This isn’t just piddly, weak little, bandwidth-throttled Wifi – all these new FaceTime users coming up will likely be able to hop online and vid chat. According to Starbucks CIO Stephen Gillet, A/V conferencing functionality already works with the likes of Skype right now.

This is good – no GREAT – news for soon-to-be new iPhone 4 users. I just hope the internet connections at Starbucks’ locations can take the abundant traffic that will likely arrive without “pulling an AT&T” and clogging up the works. Considering this service is powered by the carrier, we’ll have to see.

Via: Mobile Content Today