iPhone’s iOS4 software tour [VID]

Anxious to see what iOS4 will look like when it drops tomorrow via iTunes? If you’re a future iPhone 4 owner or soon-to-be iOS4 user, here’s your sneak preview at the new software, courtesy of longtime friend and TiP reader Joey.

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  • Cole_IPhone11

    OS 4.0 officially comes out on monday talked to apple

  • Sahir Abbasi

    I already have this update, and its official and Im not a developer, I got it for free. If you want it, ill give you the link, just email me, thegameai3@gmail.com

  • joey lehto

    You can get the official update even if you aren’t a developer. This isn’t exactly an approved way by apple standards tho. btw, i made this vid.

  • Ashkan

    I got a headache watching this. the iPhones moves so damn much!

  • justin

    its the 21 and my itunes keeep saying 3.1.3 is the current version??? any help??

  • zholy

    it’s available right now, just started download.I’m excited!

  • joey lehto

    The update is now live. At the time of your posting apple hadn’t launched it yet.