For luxury car geeks only: Rolls-Royce Ghost app

One of the great inventions of car companies around the world, pretty much since the invention of the internet, has been the ability to “build” your own cars on websites before (or after, I suppose) going to see a particular model in person. This comes in handy, say, if you ever wondered just which Ferrari you would buy in the off-chance you won the lottery, or were given that unexpected promotion to CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Winning the lottery these days would be much better job security than a CEO, but the chance is always out there.

These sites are great, and by great, I mean they tend to suck you in, forgetting about everything else in the world until you get your model “just right.” And you know you’ve printed the spec sheets before, ready to hand them to that Aston Martin dealership the next day should the occasion arise. There are two that I am particularly fond of: the previously mentioned Ferrari, and McLaren. Talk about attention to detail. The interaction is staggering, and in both cases, you’re left wondering if this is going to be your supercar or hypercar, should you really go with body-colored stitching on the upholstery? And if you go with the body-colored stitching on the seats, shouldn’t the seatbelts also be body-colored to match? And if you have matching stitching and seatbelts, wouldn’t it stand to reason that you go with matching stitching on the (optional) form-fitting luggage? These are the questions you ask yourself, and trust me, they are important decisions. I mean, you don’t want to buy a Ferrari unless it’s your Ferrari, right?

The problem with most (okay, all) of these sites is that they run on Flash. Thus, you can’t build your perfect Camaro on your iPhone. However, for those ready to jump into the world of hyper-luxury, there’s an app for you. Rolls-Royce, of all companies, has decided that what is on their lots is just “ordinary”, and if you’re in the market, you just might want to build your own variant of their new “smaller, sportier” car, the Ghost. (As a sidenote, smaller and sportier are relative terms here. Any normal car, let’s say an Accord or Camry, or maybe even a small van, would be hidden from view if parked behind this thing. Relativity is awesome.)

This free app features a photo gallery and a promotional video, as well as a link directly to the Rolls-Royce website. However, the main benefit is that you can change many things while “building” your car, namely the color (both interior and exterior), as well as the wheels and that super sweet (optional) aluminum hood. That’s right, a brushed aluminum hood.

Now, there are a couple oddities here. Why, for instance does a British car company, with British racing heritage, have British White as a color option, but not British Racing Green? Um, fail. Secondly, when viewing the outside of the car, you can swipe and drag it around as you please, to get just about any angle of the car. However, the interior view is limited to just a few views. Also, the “chrome” wheel option doesn’t really look a whole lot different than the standard wheel.

So let’s get to it. Which is my favorite? I always like black cars, and this is no different. Black with the aluminum hood, with a white leather interior with the “piano black” trim option. Sweetness. However, in this fantasy world that I am living in, I would have to choose the “indigo” option, which is really purple, also with the aluminum hood, this time with an all-black interior. What can I say, I’m a sucker for purple. Here are some sample photos. Let us know which you prefer, and build some yourself!

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  • Anthony

    I just have a comment about “winning the lottery” … Apparently you have a bigger percentage chance to die on the way to purchase the lottery ticket, then you do to actually win it.

    And on a side note, great review I will be picking up this app for sure.

  • This excellent free app features an image gallery and a marketing video, because well as a link directly to the Rolls-Royce website. However, The primary benefit would be that you can change many things while “building” your vehicle, which include the color (each inside as well as exterior), along with the wheels and also that super pleasing (optional) aluminum bonnet.

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  • Excellent post. The car looks absolutely awesome inside and out.. Please continue to share this type of post.

  • Phantom Hire

    What an amazing app…. love it!

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