The iPad UI on an iPhone?

Over at TiP’s affiliate site,, my buddy Aaron Baker pointed people at a video of what the iPad user interface would look like on an iPhone. Actually, it was more than that – the YouTube vid shows clear instructions on how to slap that UI on a jailbroken iPhone.

This isn’t an endorsement of jailbreaking, and I’m not suggesting you go ahead and do this, but if you were curious about the process, this is an eye-opening look – especially what this interface can do to battery life. (Aaron even called attention to the levels on that sucker. A 12% drop in 10 minutes? That’s a lotta drain…) If you’re one of the brave people willing to try a little experimental modding in the endeavor to pimp your phone, well then, let us know how it worked out.

Via: PhoneDog, Engadget

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  • I’ve not seen it yet, but is it merely a Winterboard theme, or an actual port of the iPad’s OS?

  • Vladi Iotov

    It’s just a mediocre winterboard theme with shrink enabled.

  • Ashkan

    How did you get multitasking?
    I don’t know what app you used for that.
    You just suddenly can multitask.