Dear Santa, on the next iPhone I would like…

I know it’s a little early (Christmas has only just been), but I’m sure Santa Jobs is checking his post already. If he spots my wish list, he may well put his army of iElves to work redesigning the iPhone to suit me in time for June. I’ve been reading a lot recently from techy people who want changes to the OS more than anything, but I’m ever so slightly not a nerd. So here goes:

1) Camera Flash/LED – I’m not particularly bothered about the quality of the camera, 3.2mp with a very good quality screen is enough on a mobile phone. I have a good camera anyhow, and despite widespread belief, it’s the lens that gives a better quality image, not the amount of megapixels. My belief is that they’ll up it to 5mp anyhow, but I’d most like to be able to take some pictures when the light isn’t so good. It’d be even more beneficial when recording video.

2) Faster Processor – You can’t really knock the running speed of the iPhone 3GS; everything runs pretty swiftly. However faster is always better, and it would mean they could put a far prettier OS on there. Would it overheat though? Probably not if they use their brand-new silicon.

A new A4 chip? That'd be pretty sweet

3) Multitasking – This is the one thing I think everyone agrees with, and I’m coming round to it. I don’t think multiple apps running at the same time can be overlooked anymore. It’s becoming slightly irritating having to go out of one app I’m in the middle of using just to reply to a text or read an email.

4) Prettier OS – It’s all about the look. I’m not particularly fussed about a new notification system, but having a background would certainly make it more pleasurable to look at. If the iPad’s 3.2 OS is anything to go by, it could already be in the pipeline for the iPhone.

Cool new concept design

5) New Hardware – The old iPhone style is getting a little boring. The device’s look hasn’t really changed over the last few years; in fact it’s been exactly the same for the past two years. We know Apple’s design team can show some real flair, they don’t need to be as lazy as the Porsche design squad. It’d be a shame if, in five years’ time, we were still looking at something barely distinguishable from the original iPhone 2G.

6) Front-loaded iSight camera – I love the Skype app, but it doesn’t feel right without the ability to have a video call.

7) More Memory – They should increase the memory to 32GB and 64GB, 16GB is not enough. With the number of apps, videos and music available, it’s far too easy to fill the phone up, especially over a two-year contract. I know I could delete some stuff, but I’d rather not.

There are a lot who want the new OS to look and work like Palm’s Web OS, Android, or even Samsung’s TouchWiz. To those people I say: “NO!” I think to overhaul the OS completely would ruin it’s “iPhone-ness.” To change it too much would make it unrecognizable, and it would merge in to the almost uniform OS that is slowly taking over other smartphones. If you want Android, get an Android phone.. sorry.

So these are my thoughts. What are yours? What would you like to see in the Cupertino company’s next mobile offering? Weigh in below. We’ll do a poll based on this feedback, and find out if your most desired features matches the community’s.



If rumors are what you’re after, have you checked out the latest? According to the latest predictions put out by some credible sources, many of these things may actually be headed our way. (Click here to learn more.) Not only that, but the Wall Street Journal reported at the end of March that there could be more than one version coming out – one of which could be heading for Verizon. Read all about it here.

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  • Ashkan

    I would also love to have customizable home screen, as in put in widgets etc.
    Do whatever you want with it, instead of being forced to only have app icons, maybe a page for favorite contacts?
    Also, i would love to have multiple email accounts, instead of having to log out from this account, to log in to the other.
    Maybe I’m asking for too much, but that would be ideal, plus the things posted above.

    • Vladi Iotov


      Widgets + Folder Shortcuts + Contacts on the home page = amazing!

    • Frank

      I would like to see an hdtv tuner with an internal antennae, I think this would make a great addition to the new iphone. It would also be nice if they added some dvr capability as well

  • Cam Bunton

    I disagree about the widgets… I’d hate to see them on an iPhone, unless they made them look like they belonged there.

    Multiple emails would be cool, I’m currently using 3 on mine, and it’s a little irritating having to keep going out of one, then in to another. I like BB’s email folder, something like that would be brill.

  • richie cody

    open source,
    so i can install stuff from that isn’t from the app store without jailbreaking.

  • Multitasking. Even if they limited it to say, 3 third-party apps(how many do you really need?)
    Xenon flash.
    Double resolution screen.

    But really, I’d be happy for anything, as least we don’t get the dreaded “Facebook & Twitter” integration/friend stream rubbish, that everyone else is falling over themselves to include.

  • Thejuiceman236

    turn by turn
    upgrades hardware inside and out
    better lockscreen
    better notifications
    more multitouch gestures
    front camera
    did I mention multitasking?

  • mtb

    @Gregzor What would be so wrong with including an integrated social network app or widget?

  • Jordan

    slide out of flip keyboard like the enV.
    front camera
    AMOLED screen

    really the only things I say they need to include for it to be a perfect phone for me.

  • thedeadbaby

    My list:

    1. Expose-For those of you who aren’t mac users, here’s a video:

    2. Dashboard: those unfamiliar, it works simiarly to expose, but with widgets. The user can choose which one to use, and when they are done, they will zoom off the screen expose style.

    3. iPad OS so I can set a background picture.

    4. I would also like google’s turn by turn, but I doubt that will happen due to the status of Apple and Google’s “steady” relationship..

    Lastly, I would like nano-colored iPhones. I think these would be great. That’s about it.

  • Digoramma

    I agree with all you ideas, although it is somewhat unlikely to get the 1GHz A4 chip, because then it would rival with the iPad–look for something faster but not as fast as 1GHz.

    A few other ideas that I have, I even figured out how to implement these ideas into the OS.

    1. Dashboard: This is a great feature in the Mac, and implementing into the OS would be excellent. To access it, just use a pinch-to-zoom on the home screen to access Dashboard–similar animations to Dashboard on the Mac (swoops in, then swoops out). Also, you could use Dashboard to display a notifications widget or something like that.

    2. Drop-down Features Tab: To explain, I believe there needs to be a quick place to turn off/on different connections settings, check notifications, and even manage the apps you have open (background apps). This could be accessed by pressing and holding the top bar–a drop-down menu feature (similar to the drop-down menus introduced on the iPad) would allow to access these features. This is where you could also, along with checking notifications and connection settings, manage your open apps/turn on/off multitasking.

    3. A quick way to switch to a separate app page in the Home Screen: You know those dots on the bottom of your iPhone and above the dock, the ones that show you what page your on? Well they only serve one function besides telling you what page your on–they advance forward/backward one page once you tap them. Well, what if you were to press and hold on them and miniature previews of the pages would show. Then you could select what page you wanted to go to. This would make it easier for the user to switch between app pages.

    If Apple were to add those features plus the ones above, then the iPhone would be an even better smartphone than it already is.

    • Johnny

      why not a 1Ghz processor?
      Google’s Nexus One runs on a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, why cant the iPhone? all other ideas are great but a 1GHz A4 chip would be great as well!

      faster is always better =]

  • Cam Bunton

    I’m loving all these suggestions… nano colors, page previews, dashboards all good!

  • wordupson

    I agree

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  • tom parker

    I’d like to have a separate volume for the alarm. All to often I listen to music when I drift off to sleep so the volume is low.

    This effects the alarm which totally sucks.

  • jeffro

    A memory card slot (i.e., MicroSD). And a swappable battery – if I run out of charge at 2pm (common, with the iphone), I can swap in another battery. The Android (and just about every other pho

  • jeffro

    A memory card slot (i.e., MicroSD). And a swappable battery – if I run out of charge at 2pm (common, with the iphone), I can swap in another battery. The Android (and just about every other phone on the market) has both of these fetures. As far as software, multitasking is critical.

  • linsay

    i like the 4 thats the kind of iphone for this upcoming i mnean like big different i cross my heart that if apple does make this kind of iphone people well lining double or more this kind i hope it well like this one

  • Jim

    I would love to see an AMOLED screen, Multitasking with some type of notifications screen, a central email inbox, faster processor and a LED flash for the camera. Other nice features could be flash support for browser and more memory (ram for processes, not disk space for storage, i.e. apps, games & music).