Chinese company claims iPad is theirs

It seems like each day another company is taking a bite out of Apple. Today it was a Chinese company who designed and made a tablet PC known as the P88. This device, manufactured by Shenzhen Great Loong Brother in my opinion is vastly different from the iPad. It seems like all that has happened is the company’s head has gone “Apple has released a tablet thing. It’s square. Hang on a minute… ours is square!! SUE!”


The P88 has a 10.2 inch screen, a 250GB Hard drive, an ethernet port, the screen is not multi-touch and it runs Windows 7. There’s not many ways in which Apple could have designed something anymore different, unless they were to design a portable computer shaped like an apple. Compare the images yourselves, to me this seems like a desperate attempt to try and get at Apple. My opinion: It hasn’t got a chance in proving this one.

Apple iPad

Via Yahoo, UPI

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  • jimmy

    I agree this is retarded.

  • Cam Bunton

    Completely, everyone’s trying to have a go at Apple since the launch, it must be corporate envy at it’s lowest.

  • Haha, if only the P88 ran OS X! I would buy one right now!

  • Kyle C

    at least, it’s square like iPad. So it’s getting closer