What will the Apple Tablet be like?

I suddenly have the strangest feeling of deja vu.

Back in ’03, rumors that Apple was going to make its way into the mobile phone industry were on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Yet it wasn’t until June 2007 that Apple revolutionized the mobile phone industry by releasing the iPhone. Well, guess what people are talking about today.

Tech sites everywhere have at least one post (usually more) on the rumored Apple Tablet, dubbed the iSlate by many, which is expected to be revealed January 27, 2010 – the date of Apple’s upcoming media event in San Francisco. Now, credible tech sites such as MacRumors and BoyGenius Report have dug deep to find a lot of interesting information that would lead us all to believe Apple’s iSlate is ready to go. BUT, the unfortunate truth remains: We really know nothing.

The rumors run from a watered-down version of Mac OS X to an upgraded version of the iPhone OS, with a platform able to load and launch apps from the tablet computer just like an iPhone. Other gossip revolves around sizes, a few different ones, in fact: from 7 inches to 10 or 11 inches.

And there’s more: How much will it cost?  Will it be marketed as an eBook reader or a multimedia device? Aluminum unibody or iPhone-esque plastic? Everyone’s weighed in on this, claiming they know the answers. There’s been a lot of coverage on a product that hasn’t even been confirmed, announced or unveiled yet. So many questions, but no answers from Apple – whose silence has become as synonymous with the company as its bitten apple logo. But I guess we will all find out soon enough (most likely next week, in fact).

While we all have our means of obtaining information, none is better than the woman who called the Apple Retail Store where I work. (I know what you’re thinking, but no – at the retail level, I’m no more in the loop than any of you are.) The lady reached a sales associate at the store and had a question about the unreleased, unconfirmed, possibly fictional tablet: She wanted to buy it.

Determination at its best.

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