iPhone 101: How to organize apps using iTunes

As iPhone users often soon realize, having pages and pages of apps can become unwieldy and make organization extremely difficult. Luckily for us, the 3.1.2 software update gave us a neat feature that allows us to organize the apps right on iTunes, which beats dragging them around with your finger on your phone. Below are steps that can help you become familiar with this organization process, and will eventually help keep your apps organized the way you’d like.

Step 1: Before plugging in the iPhone via USB connection, check to see if iTunes has any updates available.

Step 2: Next, plug in the iPhone and wait for it to appear in the iTunes window under “Devices.”

Step 3: Once plugged in, make sure to check if the iPhone has any updates available as well, so as to assure both the iPhone OS and iTunes are using the most recently released software versions.

Step 4: Next, click on the Applications tab.

Step 5: From here, you should see a list of all the apps you have downloaded and an iPhone interface that matches your iPhone. Now organizing them is just a matter of preference. You can click and drag to move apps from one screen to another, or add and remove them off of the interface

Step 6: Once satisfied with the changes made, click on “Sync” and allow the iPhone to sync the new changes. Once that’s complete, click on the “Eject” arrow next to your iPhone’s name and disconnect the iPhone from the computer. All changes previously made to the apps on the computer should show on the iPhone.

(The above steps will also work for iPod Touches running the most recent iPhone OS software.)

For a guy like me who constantly browses the App Store, looking for the next app to keep me entertained, organization is essential. I hated scrolling through pages trying to remember where that app I was using before was, and now I no longer have to. My pages are categorized according to my rationale which not everyone may understand, but I do, and that’s all that matters. Organization on the iPhone made easy with iTunes. And yes, that did sound like an Apple commercial line.

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  • Chris

    I was so happy when Apple implemented this. Having seven pages full of apps was becoming really troublesome. Now, I have many more pages of apps, but they are less crowded, and categorized according to my own whims.

    Now, if Apple would only let us label pages, I’d be set!

  • Rob

    I try to arrange my apps this way but iTunes keeps messing with the blanks on my pages by moving apps up from previous pages. Why would they do this?

  • ram

    Hi i would like to know how can i make a video call from my iphone 3gs with the back cam.